Updated on March 28, 2010
C.H. asks from Orlando, FL
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I have been on Synthroid, and some other synthetic thyroid hormones. I started with ARMOUR THYROID over 30 years ago, and want to go back on it. WHERE CAN I PURCHASE IT WITH A PRESCRIPTION FROM MY DOCTOR? I have not ask my doctor yet to switch me, but I do not want to buy bad medications. I NEED A LEGITIMATE PLACE TO BUY IT, so please advise. I am in Central Florida, and thank you for your time.

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answers from Provo on

I take armour thyroid medicine. I am in UT and I get mine at Wal-mart. Don't know if you have them or not.... There has been a problem with the production of armour but my doctor has given me a prescription for westhroid which is also a natural thyroid. Good luck!!

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answers from Dallas on

You can take your prescription to a compound pharmacy. There is one on Parker and Independence called TexasStar Pharmacy, phone # ###-###-#### They make it.


answers from Norfolk on

Call your local pharmacies and see if they have it. My Target pharmacy has it in stock again. There seems to be no shortage of the active ingredient, so if you can find a compounding pharmacy, they can make an Armour Thyroid like compound for you (your doctor will have to write the prescription in a certain way for this).



answers from Houston on

Call pharmacies and see who has it. I know it was on back order for a while. During this time, I was switched to Cytomel. If you have a had time finding it, look into Cytomel.



answers from Boston on

I am in the same situation as you. Armour is the only hormone that worked for me. Last year it was really hard to get it. They were not shipping to the pharmacy's. I have just found out that it will be easy to get again. What I did is call my pharmacy to make sure they have it or can get it. It is as NATURAL as your going to get. It treats both t3 and T4 of your thyroid. It is made from pigs thyroid, closest to human. Now the problem I had is that my first Doctor would not switch me because it is not FDA approved and she was a stickler. I switched Doctors that day and got the prescription. Synthroid and levothyoxine were only approved in the early 2000s, Armour has been around longer and not yet approved. Its what really works for me. Please google information you might want to read about. So much out there now. Good luck!



answers from Orlando on

So this has been on backorder from the manufacturer off an on for the past year or so. A good alternative would be to have it compounded. Compounding pharmacies use pure powders of the medications, as well as a filler, such as lactose. Check out Taylor's in Winter Park. Otherwise, there may be some at Publix on Orange and Michigan (where I work as a technician) depending on the strength, but it is hit or miss getting it in. I believe we only have 60mg, and it was kind of a fluke that we got that in. I believe that compounding is your best bet. The downside is that they may not bill your insurance, but you may be able to submit the receipt for reimbursement. Good luck!

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