Where to Buy an Affordable, Good-quality Mattress for a Child's Bed?

Updated on October 28, 2010
C.A. asks from Allen, TX
7 answers

Our 3 year old son is ready to move from his toddler bed to a big boy bed. He has a convertible crib that we plan to convert to a full/double bed. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding a good place to buy an affordable mattress/box spring set? I looked at Sam's and the full size matress was about $270 and the box spring was another $120. Once his crib is converted, I expect that he will use the new mattress for many years, so I don't want to buy one that is poor quality, but I'm not sure how much I should expect to pay for a good quality one. Has anyone gotten a great deal on a mattress/box springs and if so, where? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Edited to add: If you don't mind sharing, how much did you pay for the mattress/box spring set? Thanks!

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answers from Dallas on

If I had it to do over again, I would have bought my kids Sleep Number beds from the get go. They last for decades (my parents have had theirs for at least 20 years and we've had ours for at least 10 years). It might be more expensive at the outset, but it will likely be the only bed you need to buy them until they are adults.

The biggest advantage is that you can change them from soft to firm at the punch of a button. This is a huge plus because if, at some point, they decide they want a softer or firmer bed, you can change it at their whim without having to buy a new mattress.



answers from Dallas on

I just got a twin at Rooms To Go and they had better prices than the mattress stores that I checked. I paid about $125 for a twin I think. They will give you a better deal if you take it home rather than have it delivered (I picked one that was in a trundle and had just been put there, so not touched by everyone).

Also, to save a little you can do a bunkie board instead of full box springs. It is an inch or so thick instead of big like box springs. The twin size one at RTG was only $50 compared with $75-$100 at mattress stores.

Another place to look is IKEA. We have one bed with an IKEA mattress that we love. We used it for 3.5 years while overseas and now it is in our guest room (came back here and went back to our king size bed), it feels lke new still.


answers from Dallas on

We bought our mattress sets at Weir's Furniture Store. They have good quality furniture and you get your money's worth. They are very good at follow up as well if needed.

They have a location in Dallas off Knox/Henderson (original store) and they have a Plano location at Lakeside located at the Spring Creek/Preston area.

Just remember that you get what you pay for!! We paid around $1000 a few yrs ago for a King Set and we paid around $600 for a Queen.



answers from Dallas on

We have purchased mattresses at Weirs also. They have a good selection and the sales people are helpful. We purchased the mattress for my daughter's bed at Roomstore which was the store where we purchased her bed. She likes her mattress. I don't think they had the best prices, but since we purchased her bed there it was easier to buy from them than to set up two delivery times and pay two delivery fees.



answers from Dallas on

There is a simmons outlet near the intersection of 114 & 35 - basically where the old Texas stadium used to be. They have GREAT prices and Simmons is a good quality mattress. You can google them for the extact location.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I like the O. we got from Original Mattress Factory. Do you have those there?



answers from Dallas on

Costco has good mattresses. I did not like the ones at Sam's.

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