Where to Buy a Cute Hat for My 5 Year Old Daughter

Updated on May 19, 2010
P.B. asks from Haslet, TX
12 answers

My daughter is going to girl scout camp and must wear a hat. Of course when you want something specific you can never find it. I was thinking about either a bucket hat or a a hat with a wider brim, guess it would be called a beach hat. Has anyone seen any around? I figured I'd post the question because I really don't feel like taking two little ones from store to store in search.

Thanks in advance.


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answers from Roanoke on

All of the places I was going to mention are posted except Mini Boden has adorable things and the jcrew crew cuts stuff is so cute too. :)

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answers from Fort Wayne on

We got my daughter some really cute baseball hats at WalMart last summer. They're adjustable so they'll fit her for a long time. I'd just start looking at stores online. You're bound to find something. You can just order it that way you don't have to drag the kids out. I know hot frustrating that can be!



answers from Madison on

Online, Hanna Andersson has cute bucket hats.


answers from Fresno on

Try Lands End online. Lots of cute hats. I have also found cute ones at The Children's Place, but I haven't been there yet this year, so I'm not sure what styles they're carrying. Last year we bought a visor for my daughter there.


answers from Kansas City on

old navy or the children's place. look at places' websites before you go so you will have an idea. or if you have time order it online...



answers from Portland on

Depending on when you need it by, try etsy.com! They have a great selection of hats, many of the sellers are stay at home moms, and the prices are really reasonable!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Definitely check out Lands End and Children's Place.
I got my son an adorable bucket hat there last year!



answers from Missoula on

The Children's Place and Gymboree both have some really cute wide-brimmed hats right now.



answers from Nashville on

I don't know about for girls, but for boys I always have the best luck at the Children's Place. Unless you get a local answer for a great boutique place, I'd try there. You can check their stock online before bothering going to the store. I love hats! If I had a girls she'd be wearing them all the time. :)



answers from Atlanta on

Hi P.,

Target usually always has hats. You may not have a large selection but they have them through all the seasons. My girls where hats all the time and find something they like often.




answers from Chicago on

My daughter recently had an opportunity to visit the American Girl store in Downtown Chicago with a friend. We gave her some spending money. She came home with a surprisingly good purchase. She bought a hat for $15.00. It is a lightweight reversible (white and fushica) bucket style hat with a wider brim than usually seen on bucket hats. It has the American Girl logo embroidered in pink on the white side. I can't find the exact link for this hat but here is another cute summer hat, also by American Girl.


Bitty Berry Hat for Girls item # F9368



answers from St. Louis on

Check online before you go. I'd check Old Navy, Target, Walmart

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