Where's the Closest DMV near Aurora????

Updated on September 19, 2007
M.V. asks from Cleveland, OH
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I'm recently moved from out of state & need to get to the Ohio DMV. I'm getting a migraine trying to figure out where the closest one is near Aurora. I looked online & everything is listed under county's not the cities. I need to update my license. Any idea....please let me know. Thanks.

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So What Happened?

Well I found one & drove this morning to Revenna. A small town about 25 min drive...not too bad. Wasn't busy at all. Wish I would have known there was one in Streetsboro, prob would have been closer. Thanks Ladies-

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Hi M. and welcome to Ohio. The closest one to you would probably be the DMV in Macedonia. Just go on the DMV website for the state of Ohio and it will give you the address there. I would go in the morning, cause during lunch time it's busy and a pain in the butt.



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There is a Bureau of Motor Vehicles in Streetsboro (neighbors Aurora). They do license plates and driver licensing. Here is a link:


If you need to transfer your auto title into Ohio and get plates you would be better off going to Macedonia. They have a title office and license office right across the hall from each other. Here is a link for them:


I used to work for a dealership in Aurora. If there is anything else I can help you with...please don't hesitate to ask:)



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I'm not sure if this is the closest but here is one in Macedonia (Summit county). They have always been very quick when I've had to go althought traffic on Rt. 82 around rush hour is a horror. Avoid at all costs! They recently moved and I'm not sure if this is the correct address. I would call first to be sure. They are also a title office which is really nice.

9699 Valley View Road
Macedonia, OH 44056
8:00-6:30 Monday

8:00-5:00 T-W-TH-F

8:00-12:30 Saturday



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Okay you live in Portage county so the branch you probably want to go to is in Ravenna.That's the one that you can register your vehicle as well as get your driver's license. If you have to register your vehicle you will probably need an inspection which they should be able to do there. Also, make sure you take your social security card with all your other documents. When my husband had to transfer everything over from Indiana to Ohio he almost lost his mind because he had to make 3 trips. One for going to the wrong location(it couldn't do the title work)and again because he didn't have his social security card.It looks like the Garfield Hts branch(Cuyahoga County) may be an option too if you are more familiar with that direction. Good Luck!!

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