Where's the Best Santa?

Updated on November 30, 2009
C.S. asks from Channahon, IL
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I have taken my boys different places to see Santa throughout the last 7 years. This year my oldest is really on the ball and I need a very real looking, nice Santa. He expects to really talk to him, not just sit for a 2 second picture. I live in Plainfield so anywhere within a 45 drive would be great, except downtown Chicago. I do have a 4 month old too and so I'd rather not have long lines if possible. Do any of you have any special "traditions" with your Santa visit? Thanks for any help you might have! Happy Holidays!

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answers from Chicago on

The Bass Pro Shops Santa is great, but the line to see him on Sunday afternoon was pretty long. A weeknight might be better. If your son wants quality time with Santa, you might want to try Breakfast with Santa at the Morton Arboretum. It is very expensive, and most of them are sold out already, but I hear they are very nice. Different park districts also offer breakfasts with Santa. Good luck!

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I just took my son for the last 2 years to Bass Pro Shop in Bolingbrook. Real beard on Santa and everything. They have a beautiful Christmas wonderland all set up and the picture is FREE.........I was even able to take my own photos with my camera and I downloaded the picture to York Photos on line and ordered my own Christmas post cards of my son on Santa's lap....

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answers from Chicago on

Bass Pro Shop at the Bolingbrook Promenade. Santa has a real beard and was really nice with my kids last year. They have a whole section of the store set up with games, trains etc. The picture is free(you can order additional if you want). If you go to their website there is a section on it.

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