Where Should We Honeymoon?

Updated on March 02, 2012
S.S. asks from Petaluma, CA
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We are getting married in September and are starting to look at Honeymoon locations. We are looking for creative, fun, romantic ideas....I'd love to get your ideas, experiences, suggestions. Anything is an option at this point. :-)

Thank you!

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answers from San Francisco on

We went to St John's in the American Virgin Islands in October. 90% of the island is a state park/wildlife santcuary so the island isn't over run by people. There are many beaches and many outdoor things to do. If you want a shopping day you can take a day boat trip to one of the larger islands. We loved just hanging out on the various beaches and walking the in park.



answers from Los Angeles on


Island of Maui is lush but the island of Oahu has more life & more to do!!


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answers from Columbia on

Santorini, Greece.

It's beautiful!

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answers from Houston on

If you decide to go to the Caribbean know that September is in Hurricane season. I never go anywhere during the season. I go other places.

Hawaii would be great. Oh, Spain. Southern Spain has some beautiful beaches and you can take a day trip and see the Rock of Gilbraulter (sp) and Morocco.

Italy, France, I have Europe on the brain! Congrats and enjoy!!

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answers from Dallas on

We went to Disney World on our Honeymoon and it was great. If you go when you book it make sure they know it's your honeymoon and sometimes they will do special stuff for you!. We had a blast.

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answers from Washington DC on

Go through my Q's and you'll see one on honeymoon locations. Lots of moms had great ideas!!

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answers from Redding on

We went to Jamaica...we ALWAYS travel with family/friends etc and this was our first trip with just the 2 of us...we had a great time. What an eye opening experience on the culture etc...we stayed in tree top bungalos and just had a really great time.

I have to add that Disney (Land or World) are truely amazing places. The amount of detail that they put in to everything there is truely unbelievable. I cant wait to go back! Even though there is a million other people there, they really do treat everyone special. Its absolutly a one of a kind place to visit.

Whereever you go just enjoy every moment and you wont regret where you pick! Have fun!!!

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answers from Seattle on

What do the two of you like doing?

For fun?
For relaxation?

Do you like to be around a lot of other people?
Do you want to be the only 2 people on the planet?

Do you want to be able to speak English?
Do you want to explore another culture?
Do you want that culture to be an English speaking culture?

Weather? Sun v Snow?


Luxury or Independence?

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answers from San Diego on

My husband and I went to Disney World. It was wonderful!!!!!! The food was great everywhere we went. We told them it was our honeymoon and they did special stuff. We stayed at the Animal Lodge with animals walking on the grounds. It was so romantic. We plan on taking our kids there when we celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary! It was a dream come true! I hope you guys can find a place that fits your personalities and is a dream true for you.

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answers from Kansas City on

I have never been on a honeymoon, but i told my husband when our 25th comes around in the not so distant future, I would love to go Atlantis. Have you seen the commercials on TV? It looks so romantic and beautiful. And I'd love to sit on the beach with a margarita in my hand, and get a beautiful tan. Hope you find the perfect spot!!


answers from San Francisco on

We went to Kauai, Hawaii. It was romantic, relaxing, and beautiful! There's a lot to do there outdoors, if you're into that (snorkeling/scuba, river kayaking, hiking, etc). We stayed at the Sheraton in Poipu in the honeymoon suite (overhangs the water, and you're almost within arm's reach of the sea turtles who come there to feed at dusk!). We loved it so much we bought a timeshare condo in Poipu and go back every year. It never gets old! :)



answers from San Francisco on

My hubby and I did a 10-day Mexican Riviera cruise for our honeymoon. It was great! I see you are in the same neck of the woods as we are. I recommend Celebrity cruise lines leaving from San Francisco - the service is impecable!


answers from Dallas on

From California I would probably go to China or Thailand.



answers from Washington DC on

What do you like? We went to Wales and Scotland and loved it, but you might enjoy hiking in Montana or seeing Las Vegas or...



answers from San Francisco on

Hubby and I went to Kauai for our honeymoon and LOVED it! Like Catherine said there is so much to do or just relax and enjoy the view and each other. We stayed in Poipu too. First time at the Embassy (dont yhink its still Embassy) then went back and stayed in a studio apt on the beach we found on Vrbo.com.

I've always wanted to go to the virgin islands but not if it's hurricane season!



answers from San Francisco on

I would rec. Cancun or Riviera Maya, mexico. I've been there twice, once in Cancun & once in the Riviera. It was beautiful! The beaches are amazing- stepping into the ocean feels like a warm bath & crystal blue, awesome ruins to see, the snorkeling was great, Xcaret was so much fun- you can swin in the caves, see all kinds of animals, etc. Plus it's a really good price.You can buy all-inclusive packages & it inclydes all your food, drinks & some activities. Check out www.cheapcaribbean.com I went to Hawaii & it was so expensive and I didn't like it as much. It was overcrowded on the beaches, ocean wasn't as nice & more commercialized. No matter where you go I'm sure you'll have a good time.



answers from Fresno on

We did a road-trip that included Tahoe, Salt Lake City, The Grand Tetons, Yellowstone (Awesome, awesome, awesome). We had planned on Glacier Nat'l, but there were fires that year so cut across Montana to Seattle, and down the I-5 back home. A combination of hotel ( a neat one in Salt Lake called Anniversary Inn) and camping. We had a few concrete plans, but plenty of flexiblity. I will admit we spent alot of time driving, but that was part of our fun



answers from San Francisco on

Vermont in September/October is breath taking! If you like the outdoors, beautiful colorful changing of the seasons, need something less expensive and different...We flew into Boston, did some touristy stuff, rented a car and drove a few hours to Vermont and stayed in a bed and breakfast, drove around to find all the covered bridges, hiked a mountain and walked around a lake, walked around a super old cemetary, stayed in a hotel many presidents and famous people have stayed at...and had so much one on one/peaceful/quiet time all by ourselves everywhere we went, it was great! Just an option!!



answers from New York on

We went to Paris, my brother went to the Greek Isles. I would reccomend both! I have always wanted to go to the French Riviera. Eventhough it's Hurrican Season, the "season" runs for like 6 months. I wouldn't really worry. St. Martin and St. John are awesome in terms of islands. I liked Barbados as well.



answers from Detroit on

We went to Edinburgh for our honeymoon. It was wonderful!



answers from Augusta on


spent my 10th anniversary there, it was AWESOME.
They really know how to do it up right at Disney. We had a fabulous dinner at downtown Disney , Then Mickey's Christmas Party and Fireworks , It really was romantic. What's more romantic than fireworks on your honeymoon?
I can't wait to go back
Disney is Magic and so should your honeymoon be.

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