Where Should We Go on an Anniversary Trip?

Updated on March 19, 2016
R.. asks from San Antonio, TX
17 answers

My DH and I are about 2 months away from our 20th anniversary.

I want to plan a trip...even if we don't take it until later in the year.

I have no idea where I want to go...I am thinking of staying in the states...maybe not we do have time to get passports.

I want something new and romantic.

Where have you vacationed with your spouse that you thought was really really great? Where would you not go?


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answers from Dallas on

We did Hawaii twice. Love it there, especially the whale watching.

I'm headed back home from Miami today with daughter and her friend from spring break. We've stayed north beach area at the Hilton Cabana resort. Very quiet, very few children and no loud spring breakers. Private beach area and very relaxing.

Hilton Head and Savannah area are nice. San Diego and Palm Springs.


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answers from Wichita on

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answers from Portland on

I always have fun in SanFrancisco. I went several years during spring break. One year I met an interesting man on the trolley. We had a couple more romantic weekends each year after that.

I suggest you go to a location that holds interest for both of you. I like to walk, eat out, wander along the water front, see places I've heard about, learn history.

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answers from Atlanta on

Congratulations on your 20 years!

Find a travel agent. Tell him or her your budget and what you are looking to capture during this trip and go from there.

Tyler and I have loved Miami and Orlando. We are very partial to California beaches. The wineries in Northern California are wonderful too.

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answers from San Francisco on

So much depends on what you guys like to do!
Sun, surf, sand, drinks? Hawaii!
Wine, food, culture, mild weather? San Francisco!
Entertainment, nightlife, history, more food and culture? New York City! or DC!
Hiking, natural beauty, relaxation? Montana, Idaho, northern Arizona!
So much to see and do in this country and the world beyond.
Good luck and congrats on twenty years, no small feat :-)

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answers from Santa Fe on

I would go to:
Hawaii - My first choice. Hawaii is amazing!
The Florida Keys (Stay at the town at the very end...romantic! take the boat out to the national park past the end of the keys)
Stay in a lodge of an amazing national park I have never been to before
Olympia National Park area...a getaway of ocean, kayaking, whale watching, and hiking in the rain forest.
A biking vacation in Moab. This area is so beautiful and we both love biking. We went to Arches National Park and Canyonlands. I'd go to Zion next. It's such a neat place.
Joshua Tree in CA
Stay in one of those romantic tree houses in the Pacific Northwest!
Congrats on your Anniversary!

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answers from Washington DC on

what's your budget?
what's your time frame??

Where have you ALREADY gone??

WHAT do you like to do???

So many questions...not enough answers...

If we had a week - I'd say Hawaii or Alaska - depending upon the time of year.
If we had a few days? I would say stay local and go to Padre Island??

Not sure what your idea of "romantic" is - as it seems to vary with every person...so I googled - romantic places in Texas....


Passports aren't as hard as you might think. Why not call and find out?

My husband and I met in Germany. We honeymooned in Saint Lucia. We've been to Belgium, Italy, France, England, Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland, the list goes on...when we go back to Europe - it will be a family trip - not a two-some. We've been to Cancun, Mexico - it was a great trip until we found out his mom died. So it's not a "great" vacation spot for him... :(

I like horseback riding....some think that's romantic and some think it's work. I would need to know what you like to do and what your expectations are...

I would reach out to a travel agent and find out what they have to say with your budget and timeline.

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answers from Boston on

My parents went to Hawaii for their 25th anniversary and loved it! Because it's so far from the east coast they stretched it out to 10 days and just had the best time. They recently spent over a month in Florida and by far the highlight of their trip was a cruise through the Caribbean that I think departed from Miami. They weren't sure if they were "cruise people" because my mom gets seasick and my did isn't a fan of sunshine and warm weather (crazy, I know) but they both had a blast and are planning their next one.

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answers from Springfield on

hawaii, alaska, a cruise, none require a passport. i would love to see the rest of the world too so any destination outside the u.s appeals to me

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answers from Rochester on

Maui is hands down the best trip we have taken. We went for our honeymoon and then again for a "babymoon" before our first was born. We've been back with our kids.

We also did a weekend trip to the Amana colonies in Iowa. We stayed in a bed and breakfast, did some bike riding, ate great food, visited little shops, tasted lots of wine. It was a fun get away and very low key.

If you like wine and/or bourbon go to Kentucky. There are some great bourbon and wine tours in the Lexington area. Find a nice bed and breakfast. There are some quaint little towns to stay in.

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answers from Norfolk on

I'd like to see New England some day - Maine, Vermont, etc.

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answers from St. Louis on

We went to Italy for our honeymoon, my demand not that he suffered. So this year for our 5th anniversary we are going to Belgium. He loves sour beers and no one does them better than Brussels. I hate sour beer, but I love food, so I won't be suffering either.

My point is, it should be about you as a couple, not what we enjoy, ya know?

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answers from Sacramento on

We did an Alaskan cruise for our 10th anniversary and it was great! Beautiful there and that cruise route doesn't attract many families (we love our kids, but it was nice to have kid-free time).

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answers from San Francisco on

All inclusive adults only resort in Mexico - i.e., Excellence, Zilara, Valentin

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answers from New York on

Mediterranean cruise - leave from Barcelona. And go to Paris prior to departing! Very romantic!



answers from Pittsburgh on

What do you like to do?

I like wine, and I like beaches, and so does my DH. So, my top trips would be
1) To a B&B in wine country in Northern California
2) To an island. You don't need a passport to go to US territories like Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands.

I've done both as long weekend trips with my DH, no kids, and they were fantastic.


answers from Boston on

A lot of people forget about Puerto Rico - it's part of U.S. so you don't need a passport, you use U.S. dollars, there's a lot of English spoken. If you have some Spanish at your command, it's appreciated.

There's a rainforest there (El Yunque, the only rainforest on U.S. territory), old San Juan on the north coast, (with fort and museums and charming streets), beaches, Phosphorescent Bay on the south coast, rugged terrain on the west coast, the famous Ponce fire station and markets, and much more. You fly to San Juan, you can rent a car and travel around the island in 2-3 days if you want to stay in a few places, then wind up back in San Juan to fly out, saying a few days there as well. Or just go to one place and stay put, taking day trips only.

Speaking from personal experience, Cape Cod and New England are great. Maine coast is rocky and water is cold, Cape Cod has ocean, sound and bay sides with big/medium/no surf. Newport RI has mansions and jazz festival and Cliff Walk. Everyone has seafood. If you like the fall foliage season, I know a great inn in NH - my husband and I have been several times. Romantic, nice staff, phenomenal food. We've also been to a great resort on Lake Champlain in VT - cute cottages, fab food, many activities including golf and boating and relaxing.

If you like excitement, do NYC with theater and museums and night life and many ethnic neighborhoods/restaurants, plus plenty of history.

CA - wine country, Napa, San Francisco, rent a car (I suggest convertible - we did!) and do the coast highway, go to Carmel and Hearst mansion and Monterrey.

Just random thoughts with no idea of what you two like to do!

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