Where Is the Quickest and Best Way to Sell Baby Clothes?

Updated on February 07, 2013
M.T. asks from Pompano Beach, FL
12 answers

We have tons of baby clothes (some purchased, majority given to us). As you all know, babies grow up fast and after a few months, we just storage all the baby clothes. I am very interested in selling our baby clothes. Other than through the internet, what is the best way to sell the baby clothes and accessories and at the same time, make a decent amount of money back from the baby stuff?

If anyone refers a consignment shop, flea market, or any local spots, I live in south florida and willing to go anywhere from Broward County and Palm Beach County areas.

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answers from St. Louis on

There is no such thing as fast and the best price. You pay for quick or you work for profit.

Since my time is valuable I always took my clothes to once upon a child.

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answers from Minneapolis on

First I will say you'll never get the money you put into them unfortunately. A few options...Craig's list and sell in a grouping, a resale shop like Once Upon a Child, a garage sale. I've heard of those sales where they run the show and you bring your items but heard it's a lot of work to pull your stuff together for them.

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answers from Miami on

The Respect Life Office in Ft. Lauderdale (I-95 and Commerical, go east to 4th Avenue and then south - it is on the right in just a few blocks) will take baby clothes to size 3T. They also take all baby items and shoes. Items need to be in good condition (no stains, holes, etc.) They will give you a receipt and then you can look up what the items are worth at
to get your figures for your tax deduction. Of course this only works if you are itemizing.

It is much easier for me to do this than to try to go to a consignment shop and get nothing for them. I also like the feel good factor that some woman who really needs these items will receive them. They also take maternity clothes!


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answers from Kalamazoo on

I hate consigment, in my experience, they are super choosy about what they will take. I have ended up just donating or giving away to friends. You could try a mom to mom sale, around here its about $25 to rent a table where you can sell your stuff. Or you could have a garage sale. Or try craigslist, you could sell the stuff as a whole, as in $50 for 50 boy outfits, sized 0-3 months. Theres a reason why people gave the stuff to you, its hard to sell.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Once Upon a Child.
They pay upon taking your things.
No hassle.
They might not pay asynchronous as you can charge at a mom-to-mom sale, but I don't want to be bothered with all the tagging, logging in, prep work.

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answers from Dallas on

The first thing to know and accept upfront is that you will never get what you think they are worth from anyone. "Decent" money is unheard of with consignments, yard sales, etc.

After taking 1 load of item to Once Upon a Child when daughter was little, including a $600 crib and some very good (about 2 bags worth) hardly worn clothes, we were offered $100 total.... for the whole shebang.

That sucks... So I packed everything back up and promptly went to the local Womens Shelter where I KNOW the products are appreciated, put to good use and not used for someone else to make a buck. On top of that, I got the tax deduction which was better in the long run. EVERYONE came out ahead.

I tried a yard sale once.. I had Abercrombie jeans with tags on that were $50 and people wanted to give me $1 for them. Of course I didn't expect $50 for them. I told the ladies "if I want to give it away, I'll go to the shelter" So I packed everything up in front of them and after cleanup, I went to the shelter. Again, everyone came out ahead.

That's just another avenue for you if you don't find what you are looking for when trying to sell.

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answers from St. Louis on

Depends on the brand.

I can buy an outfit on sale at baby Gap for $12, my son can wear it 15 times, and then I can resell it on ebay for $13.

Now, ebay does take a lot more time than a consignment store. But if you have good brands like Gap, Janie and Jack, Gymboree, etc., and the clothes are in great condition, I think ebay is worth the time.

Consignment stores are great, but in my experience, everything is soooo full and your items will be thrown in the mix with 350 other baby items, perhaps not touched by one mom for many months. However, I still say this is a great option, second to ebay. Just google consignment stores in your area.

I have also offered on facebook for someone to come and do "fill a bag" at my house, $10 per bag, etc. So many of my "facebook friends" took me up on that and I decluttered and made a few bucks in a matter of hours.

Good luck!


answers from Grand Forks on

I have done it all. I have sold to consignment stores, it is easy but they pay very little. I have done flea market type sales, but after I spend an evening setting up, a whole day selling, and a couple of hours packing up I'm exhausted. The money is good, even after I pay for the table rental. I have done a yard sale, less work than the flea market, but you make less money. I sell on Kijiji, but that can be frustrating. I would go with the consignment store and be happy with all the time you saved.



answers from Dallas on

I took mine to consignment (try once upon a child - I think they are national) if I needed FAST, but "good price" is not gonna happen on re-sale baby clothes. It was a painful fact I learned. I have consigned, ebayed and garage sold my baby clothes and items. Hands down, the easiest and fastest was the garage sale. I didn't do anything special with the stuff, just put it out there and put up signs and listings on craigs list about a "baby only" garage sale. It was all gone, with a few exceptions, in about three hours and I think I made $200 bucks, but I had a rug and a high chair in there too.

Good luck!


answers from Lansing on

I've always has a best luck at mom 2 mom sales. (I've tried garage sales, resale shops too)



answers from Houston on

Try justbetweenfriends.com and see if they are having a sale in the near future. You can bring your items to the closest venue, sell them on consignment and I believe you get some sort of commission back.



answers from Miami on

There are several options: consignment stores, craigslist, eBay (if you're willing to ship. Also, you can sell it yourself or have an eBay seller do the selling for you and you pay a commission to them for their assistance), or garage/yard sales. If worse comes to worse and you cannot find a buyer or don't want to deal with the frustration of trying your luck at selling, you can also donate the clothes (like at Goodwill) and get a letter that can be used for tax deduction...better than nothing!

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