Where Is a Good Store to Buy Clothes for My Seven Year Old

Updated on March 13, 2008
M.S. asks from Lincolnshire, IL
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Hello moms! My daughter has just skipped to a size 9/10, sometimes 7/8. She is only seven years old. I have found that a lot of clothes in this size are to mature looking for her. I am looking for inncocent and "younger" looking clothes for her, at a reasonable price. We used to love to shop at Carters Outlet, but they only go up to sice 6/7. She is not really into the fancy stuff, just the cute type clothes. I wish she was still a sice 6, these are the type of clothes she likes. Any suggetions of a good store for us to buy her spring/summer clothes. We live in Buffalo Grove.

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I do not have a girl, but have a niece. I have found the children's place is a good place to buy cute somewhat conservative clothing. Also, Carson's and Kohl's have some cute things, but you have to kind of guide them away from some of the trendy trash.

Good luck.



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Sears and Childrens place have good clothes at good prices, wait until there is a sale.



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What about Old Navy?



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Well, of course people will say Target and Old Navy, but we've had lots of luck with Gymboree, very sturdy stuff. If you can search the bargain racks, or get the stuff on sale, even better, they can be a little expensive. I'd also suggest the outlet malls up in Gurnee - there are two, I forget the 2nd one, the one that is not named the Gurnee Mills Outlet Mall.

Good luck,

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