Where Is a Good Place to Purchase Suitcases?

Updated on December 23, 2014
P.:. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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My family is in need of new suitcases. In the past we've purchased suitcases from the Samsonite outlet and I haven't been impressed. I guess they're in the outlet store for a reason (or manufactured specifically for the outlet store). I'm looking for lightweight, hard sided suitcases. We need two new carry-on's as well. Where is a good place to purchase them to get good quality at a decent price? If you have a particular brand/model that you love or hate, I'd love to know that as well. :-) Thank you! Happy Holiday's!

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So What Happened?

Looks like the consensus is Ross/TJ Maxx. We did my son a carry-on from Ross (I think) and so far it's the one that has help up the best. They do have good prices. Thanks for your comments/suggestions.

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answers from Kansas City on

My son has a really nice (expensive) Travel Pro. I have seen some nice luggage pieces at Marshall's and TJ MAX, as well as department stores. If you want pricey, Macy's, Dillards have good selection usually.
You might look online to compare.

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answers from Columbia on

Every time I go into TJ Maxx I admire the suitcases and rolling bags. They have a gorgeous selection, and in unique colors and designs. That's where I'd go.

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answers from Boston on

If you can wait a week or two, most stores will have massive sales. Things will start to get marked down on 12/26, although the stores will be crowded as people return things and use gift cards and cash they just received on Christmas. January 1 starts a very down period in retail since most people's budgets are tapped out. I would think a lot of stuff will go down after people's holiday travels are over.

Have you look at Consumer Reports? They do amazing reviews of all kinds of things, including luggage. You can pay a small fee to subscribe on line, or you can go to the library and dig through the issues in the old fashioned way (you can search for topics so you aren't idly thumbing through magazines).

Also look for the all-direction wheels, 4 per bag - those are the big deal now. Most carry ons designed now will conform to airline size requirements.

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answers from Washington DC on

I suggest going to Macy's during a sale.

Luggage can be crazy expensive but I went on black friday last year and my wife and I bought about $600 of luggage for $345. More than worth braving the crowds for!

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answers from Reading on

I've had good luck at TJMaxx and Marshall's

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answers from New York on

I bought Travel Choice (or Choice a Travel) for $89. 28 inch, hard suitcase. I got them from Sears.

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answers from Dallas on

I have an American Tourister hard case that I've had for almost 10 years. It's been on seven trips to India, at least a dozen domestic flights, and dozens of car trips and it's still in great shape, even the wheels. I also have some Samsonite cases that have held up well, but they weren't purchased from the outlet store and are soft sided.

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answers from Appleton on

I have a 6 piece set of American Tourister, soft luggage that is great. I purchased them at Penney's about 10 yrs ago and they are still in good shape.
If they are planning to fly I recommend a bright color or patterned luggage. So many people have dark colored luggage when my bright red ones come off the conveyer belt I know it's mine.

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answers from Dallas on

We've had Samsonite, soft side, over 10 yrs but they were not purchased at an outlet. We are not outlet shoppers because we feel that the merchandise there is there for a reason. Bottom line, you get what you pay for.

At the time, we spent a good chuck of money. I can tell you it is very frustrating to have your good piece of luggage come out on the baggage claim looking like it has been to hell and back. The airline employees are not careful with luggage, they can't be handling every piece with kid gloves, plus the fact that you can't lock them anymore is a bummer. We fly a lot and 9 times out of 10, my bag has the little note from TSA saying it was inspected. Ugh, they mess up my packing system.

We are not in the market for luggage right now but I would probably stick with Samsonite or other name brand if I bought more. I like the soft side vs the hard cases. That is just a matter of taste.

Around here you can find it at major department stores.

Good luck.

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answers from Los Angeles on

TJ Maxx/Ross had some good ones we've purchased.
How about another outlet place? The one I got there was probably my

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answers from New York on

Costco or Marshalls. I've always doen well at either place.



answers from Baton Rouge on

I got mine at Target.



answers from New York on

I agree with others that TJ Maxx and Marshalls are good places to go.
I bought luggage recently from BJ's. They had several different kinds for a great price if you are already a member why not check them out.



answers from Chicago on

I buy Samsonite at Carson's. In a few weeks, there should be a massive sale.



answers from Washington DC on

I haven't bought hardsided suitcases, but I've had good luck at Kohls with their Samsonite and American Tourister. I've also had good luck with the Samsonite I got at the outlet. It's going on 9 years, and besides the Samsonite tag falling off, it has held up great. We also have a soft sided Ricardo luggage. It's at least 12 years old and still works great and looks great. We got it at a charity yard sale, so it was new when we bought it, but don't know where it came from.



answers from Pittsburgh on

We travel a lot, and we've tried a variety of brands and price points. It doesn't seem to matter - they all break sooner than we expect. So now we buy them at Ross because they are inexpensive so at least I don't feel as bad when I have to buy a new one every few years.

My only preference is that I prefer the hard side ones to soft ones. I think they are easier to slide into the overhead bin without all those pockets and zippers on the front to catch on the top of the bin. And the stuff inside doesn't get squished when the baggage handlers pile 10 suitcases on top of each other.


answers from Washington DC on

We love our Samsonite bags. The kids each have a 360 rolling carry on and we have a large family sized one as well. We do want the hard side, light weight ones, but we haven't gotten there yet.

We got all of ours so far from Kohl's when they have 30% off deals.


answers from Washington DC on

Hard side suitcases are difficult to find. We did find one my husband was FINALLY happy with at Tuesday Morning. I personally prefer soft sided ones .... They are also available at Tuesday Morning.

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