Where Is 375 Degrees on a Stove Top Dial?

Updated on January 13, 2012
J.B. asks from Katy, TX
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If directions state "heat pan to 375 degrees..." where do you turn the knob to? If the knob starts at LO 2 3 4... 9 HI, where do you set it?

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So What Happened?

I made frozen hash browns. It clearly stated for stovetop cooking "heat pan to 375 degrees". I'm not using a thermometer, it's not that big a deal. I was just wondering what my 'peoples' thought ;)

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answers from Chicago on

Maybe those directions were for an electric skillet. I have one, and it has actual numbers on the dial. Otherwise, I have no idea. I avoid cooking, and this would be another reason why.

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answers from St. Louis on

There is no "375" on the dial. You have to use a thermometer.

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answers from Little Rock on

Its for a electric skillet, but I would say about medium-high or 6/7 on your stove top. I'm sure its cooked by now anyway. Hope it turned out alright.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Heat pan on stove to 375? That's odd....sounds like an oven temp to me. Can the pan go into a 375 oven until it's hot?

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answers from Chicago on

Haha, thank you for asking this! I have no flippin clue!

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answers from Phoenix on

I have no idea...I'd use a cooking thermometer to test it, starting at 5.



answers from College Station on

Use a fry or candy thermometer to judge temp. But it only works in a pot, not a fry pan or skillet.

There are also laser thermometers you can use as well.

I would put it on medium (I know my stove well) and go from there.
Good Luck!



answers from Honolulu on

GOOD question!

What are you making anyway?

Use a thermometer? In the dish?

Our stove top knobs, don't have numbers on them. Just low/medium low/medium/medium high etc.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Try about a seven. Three hundred is what used to be called a moderate oven. Three seventy five is moving toward hot. Four hundred and above is definitely hot.



answers from Detroit on

I would use a cooking thermometer and the higher you turn up the burner, the faster it will get there!

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