Where I Can Go for Medical Attention- Low to No Income

Updated on June 24, 2009
R.N. asks from Garland, TX
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I am having sever spine pain along with other bad symptoms and really need someone to help me. My pain management doctor discharged me because I didn't I couldn't go to my appointment to get a bone density test/ bone scan. I was in the hospital with a sever kidney infection and couldn't get there. I called after 2 weeks getting out still feeling aweful but the place that I was suppose to get my test done and they told me they didn't have me in their system and that I would have to have my pain management dr fax an order for the test again. So I called the dr office and they said they would fax it again so I waited a few days and nothing still! The testing place said they still had nothing from them. So I went back and forth 2 more times and still the drs fax had failed. I went to the pain management appointment and the PA was very rude saying I should have gone in to the appointment and I keep telling her I couldn't because I was in the hospital for a week for a kidney infection and couldn't go. I told her my back is getting worse and she said she would be right back and then came back with discharge papers!! I only had had an MRI without contrast on my back from some other doctor that came back normal. I have talked to other doctors and people and they told me it should have been done with contrast. Now I have no pain medicine because my doctor gave up on me and I'm in god aweful pain!! I need test and medicine done, I want to get better. I can't take it anymore. Where can I go? I have no insurance, we have only a small amount of unemployment. I live in forney. Is there any place that can do tests and provide pain meds. Also I keep having reaccuring kidney infections that won't go away! I have taken so many anibiotics, no kidney stones but they come back even after taking antibiotics. I have been told I need to see a urologist but I don't know what to do there either. I currently have a kidney infection. I'm off soft drinks, drink water and do everything to take care of myself but it won't go away for good. Please help! I need to know where to go that's free or very very low in price. Thank you

btw- I have been to a chiro dr and that made my back feel so much worse. He even said I need to have test done.

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answers from Dallas on

R., I am so sorry that you are in pain....I agree that you can go to Parkland - it's not exactly free but they will see you and treat you regardless of your ability to pay. You will receive bills - make no mistake - health care is never free but you can pay this bills in small amounts over time - even if just $20/month. Now I want to address something you mentioned that you may be needing. The MRI with contrast. Let me warn you to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL and make sure your doctor understands that you are struggling with renal healthiness. My son spent 99 days in the hospital after batteling for his life with MRSA septic shock. Because of the illness, he had renal failure that thank God was only temporary. My son needed an MRI as well but after agonizing over the decision, his very wise and "on the ball" attending doctors decided the risk was too great. Apparently, there are recorded cases where the dye that is used is extremely harmful to patients who are compromised renally. I know you are not in kidney failure but I would surely say that you could be "compromised" with all of the recurring infections you've had. Bryce's doctor said the dye can cause calcium deposits on the skin that are debilitating and permanent and with him, they were not willing to risk it so he and a nuclear bone scan instead. I usually don't take much time to respond in this long of a matter but I am on this one because I want you (and your doctor) to be very safe with your health. Please, please, please, if you do find yourself being prescribed the dye contrast MRI, ASK IF THERE ARE ANY POTENTIAL PROBLEMS BECAUSE OF YOUR RENAL COMPLICATIONS.
Again, Parkland is an option, but be prepared to be there for many, many, many hours just waiting. If you go, bring something to keep you busy while you wait.
Hope you find some answers and get some relief,
Glenda Wilson

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answers from Dallas on

Hi R., sorry for all that you've gone thru and dealing w/ pain on top of that has to be so stressful. Shame on the Dr's for not helping you locate a resource they should have that info. I was at Centennial Med Center's health fair (Frisco) a few weeks back where they did all the health screenings including your bone density for free, it's not as accurate as what your dr is requesting I'm sure but provides you w/ a baseline. They also have a low income service for children, you cannot have any insurance and only costs $5. maybe a hospital closer to your area has something for adults or downtown Dallas may have a clinic it's worth some phone calls to find out. Best of luck, hope things turn around soon for you!

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answers from Dallas on

Go to the ER at Parkland. I realize that would be a drive for you but they are a very good hospital and do not charge. Unfortunately I do not know of any hospital for adults that comps all charges for continuing care like childrens does for kids someone really needs to build one.

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answers from Dallas on

I would go ahead and go to your local ER! Otherwise, contact your general physician and ask them for a referral as to where you could go ASAP!!

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answers from Dallas on

JPS has a program called JPS Connection to help people with low income. For a family of 6 the max income s $75K.

Doctor visits are $5 to $10 each. Other services have low copays and it's reasonable.


Hope this helps. If you have any add'l questions.


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answers from Dallas on

A lot of Dr's will see you as a self paying patient and give you a self pay discount. I would try that.

Try a Care Now or place like that as a self pay. It is all over the news how people are going to ER not because of ER but because of insurance issues which boggles down the ER.

I'm in no way saying you are not sick. You need to see a specialist and there are some good Dr's out there who do care for patients and cut them a break.

We go to Plano Orthopedic for all bone issues. They have been wonderful for us.

Good luck finding a solution.

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