Where Does Your Tween Daughter like to Shop?

Updated on September 15, 2012
M.R. asks from Mount Holly, NJ
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Ahh. The tween years. The tiny part in the middle no one talks about. I have a tween DD, my only child, and her name is Paige. She's beginning to develop a style of her own that includes a mix of items from a variety of shops. I used to buy her clothes from The Children's Place and Old Navy, but Paige has decided she's "too old for them". We now shop at abercrombie kids, Aeropostale, Hollister, Delias, Forever 21, PacSun, and American Eagle. Those are the trends in her school, so I was wondering what brands does your daughter wear? Or, if you're a stricter mama, what brands do you make her wear?

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answers from Minneapolis on

Mostly Aero. We find a lot of F21 and Charlotte Russe shirts at yardsales too. I asked her if she wanted to go to Hollister, but she refused to spend that much money on a shirt. Alas, I found several brand new Hollister shirts at a yardsale for 3 bucks. Silver jeans seem to be a huge thing here too. She's happy with her $20 jeans from Aero:)

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answers from Washington DC on

Ka-ching! Those stores are pretty pricey. My daughter is 11 so not a younger teen yet, but she already loves thift stores. There are often very good ones that get donations that have been hardly worn or not worn at all, and she thinks it's great fun to find funky clothes in thrift stores. It's not so much about the prices (though she's very aware of not paying a lot) but about finding things she knows she won't see anywhere else or on anyone else. I also guess I'm what you would call a "stricter mama" because I think the stuff I see kids wearing from Abercrombie/AE/Aero/Pink and all those stores just turns kids into walking billboards with the stores' names plastered all over them from their chests to their bottoms. My daughter's friend put it really well when she said, "I don't want to pay them money just so I can advertise for them." Plus if everyone's wearing stuff from the same stores -- so much for individual style! Scope out some quality thrift shops and see if Paige wants to mix in stuff from those with her other clothes.

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answers from Dallas on

My one and only child, daughter @ 17, shopped at all those stores as a tween.

She still goes to Hollister and Gilleys along with H&M,Nordstrom & Victorias Secret

She's on the fashion board at Nordstrom & she also designs clothes.

Her clothes have not been a battle I choose to fight because there are many more bigger battles than fashion style.

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answers from Sacramento on

I dont make my daughter wear any particular brand, I do however REFUSE to spend alot of money on clothing items because of the brand unless it is a special occasion. She likes JUSTICEand she gets to go there for her birthday and pick a couple of items. (She usually goes straight for the clearance racks!) I have done my best to teach her to have her own style, to wear what she likes, not what everyone else is wearing, mind you she is only 9(although at times she thinks she is a teenybooper) so that may change oneday, although I am really doubtful, she already knows that money does not grow on trees and she is very frugal. We can find great name brands at Marshalls, Ross, second hand stores and other places as well.

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answers from Cleveland on

when you say tween I hear 9, 10, 11 still playing with Barbies and American girl dolls.
Is that the age you are talking about?

The stores you mention seem more for the True teenage crowd like 14, 15, and up no longer interested in mom or dad, definately not dolls, but probably boys.

My dd is younger and very petite so I guess we will see when the time comes.

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answers from Minneapolis on

My 13 year old's favorite store is PINK by Victoria's Secret. She's not interested and not allowed to get any of the racy underwear, but she just really likes their sweatshirts and yoga pants. I don't allow the ones with words on the butt or on the band above the butt, but they plenty of other choices. Those clothes are expensive, and she has to earn part of the cost or use her own money. She also likes the juniors department at Kohls, Old Navy, Target, American Eagle, Forever 21, Hollister, Delia's and Aero (her favorite last year). She's looked at Abercrombie but was turned off by the high prices. Thank goodness she's in a uniform school, that takes down the pressure a lot!

My 10 year old isn't a big shopper, but she still likes to have stylish clothes. She still shops for basics and some of the more simple clothes at Justice. She's finding fewer items because a lot of them are just too full of sequins, or have words or peace signs on them, which she feels she has outgrown. Her 10 year old cousin used to love Justice, but now will only buy jeans and basics there, is really turned off by the rest of it. My 10 year old is very interested in Aero, but their clothes all seem built for taller and leaner girls, so she tried stuff on, but doesn't end up with much from Aero. She's just fine with Target and Old Navy too.

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answers from Chicago on

My daughter is 11 and she still likes Justice, but I can see that's going to stop soon because some of her friends are starting to shop Abercrombie and Aeropostale. So far she's too small to wear some of the Aero and Abercrombie stuff as she's still a size 10.

Her friends that are in 6th grade where it's part of a middle school want the Abercrombie. Her friends that are in 6th grade where it's still part of elementary school still wear Justice, so I think Justice is an elementary school thing.

We don't actually shop at any of those stores, we shop the secondhand store. They carry those brands gently used for a fraction of the price. She might get some new stuff if it's on clearance or for birthdays or Christmas.

Luckily my daughter is okay with getting a few things at Discovery, a very inexpensive store. They have things that say "LOVE" and look like the Love Pink from VS but are not really. It depends on your daughter if she's the type to go for "fashion fakes."

My daughter loves to create her own style, and at this point is okay with me finding her things at stores like JC Penney that look like the Justice stuff. I think for her it's about the look, not the name brand. We'll see if that's still true in a few years!

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answers from Boca Raton on

You pretty much hit all the good ones. I have 15 year old daughter and another daughter who is now in college. The big draws are Forever 21, Delia's, American Eagle, PAC-Sun, Charlotte Russe, and Victorias Secret. All expensive stuff....that's why I hit the sale racks when I can and use discounts and coupons when I get them. You have it all down pat, Mom. Happy shopping!

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answers from New York on

Ahh, the tween years are the beginning. Yes, mine liked the sames stores yours is referring to. I found that Aeropostale had the best prices/sales and coupons. Once mine could fit into stuff from Forever 21 they liked that too and the prices there aren't too bad. The other stores are pricier so sales racks are good. We have some consignment shops near us that have lots of brand names so we shop there too. This year I decided since they are getting pickier and seem to think money grows on trees, I had to come up with a new strategy. So first I bought them the shoes they needed and had them take an inventory of their other clothes. Then I gave them each the same amount of $ to shop with and told them to get everything they needed with it, including underwear, bras, socks, belts and gym clothes, with the caveat that they will get a smaller amount in October for more winter stuff. It gave them a much better idea of how expensive things can get and how to budget. They thought $250 was alot of money until they had to try to get all they needed and wanted with it. It was a good lesson for all. I have also found it's not good to restrict brands per se, but our school system has a strict dress code and they must stay within it.



answers from Kansas City on

My daughter LOVES Justice for girls!!!

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