Where Do You Young Mom's Shop for Clothes?!

Updated on February 07, 2012
M.M. asks from Lake Charles, LA
22 answers

So I'm finally breaking down and buying me some new clothes.. or trying.. I'm so freakin' lost its unreal! I'm 25 and I can't seem to find a style that fits me.. All the stores I've been looking at are either for older women (I don't want to dress like I'm 40) or for 21 year olds.. I'm a mom and while I want to dress nice I don't want to look frumpy.. but I don't want to look like I'm trying too hard either. I definitely don't dress up all fancy and I like to look good but be comfy, I prefer flats and I haven't worn heels in forever.. Where do you ladies shop?? Jeans aren't an issue but I can't seem to find a good go-to store for tops and accessories.. If it were up to me I'd wear my UGGS every day lol. I live nowhere near a Saks or Neimans so the personal shopper thing is out of the question and I wouldn't be opposed to shopping online for most of it... any tips would be great! TIA!

Added: I'm about a 6-8 depending on the brand and I have big boobs (DD) so the cute loose fitting tops make me look pregnant :( Thanks for the suggestions so far!!!

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answers from New York on

I'm 29 and I love Hollister and American Eagle, I like thir tops even though
I wouldn't get their short skirts. I also like Marshall's for some good deals and H &M.

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answers from Chicago on

Try New york and co! I love that store! I'm a young mother too but love fashion and comfort...I also shop at Express and the Limited, But here's the link http://www.nyandcompany.com/nyco/?cid=psg31..... I know I have seen older women shopping at New york but it really is for all age groups, the price's are great when they have their sales, give it a try, don't know if there is one by you though... Good luck and happy shopping!

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answers from Chicago on

First, I am sorry but I feel UGGs are for kids and look horrible on adults, If I saw you in the park with your child and you were wearing UGGS I would assume you were a college student taking on a nanny job. From the sound of it you are looking for a style that says "Hey, I am a mother, but I am young stylish and fun as well." Cute flats, scrunchy boots with a small wedge heel or nice tennis shoes will accomplish what you want with out making you look like a college student. Most of the stores named are good places, I can not help exactly because I do not shop at the same stores due to our size differences, but I do like some of the clothes at JCPenny, Kohls and Macy's. Many of their clothes catch my eye when walking thru, honestly a lot of style is not what you wear but HOW you wear it. My fav can't miss outfit is dark wash jeans (correct fit for you) white button down shirt (right sleeves for you) fun dangly necklace or nice waist sinching belt (right level for you) with cute boots or flats (depending on jeans cut) a purse with a strong color (orange or purple) clean pony or braid to the side and a soft smokey eye with chapstick lips!
Hello Mama Cant Go Wrong!

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answers from New York on

you sound good :) i mean confident so here is for you.
at 25 ann taylor may be too 'oldish' for you but banana republic would be nice. try ann taylor loft too, it's cheaper than ann taylor and i think more youngish.

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answers from Seattle on

I live in jeans, tight fitting teeshirts or camisoles.

I would shop at Express & Anthropology for tops if they weren't all so short (or rather, I'm really tall).

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answers from Minneapolis on

Hmmm...I'm 50 and I shop at most of the stores listed so far (don't care for Old Navy or Anthropologie). I shop Gap, Guess, Express (sometimes), etc. for casual. Ann Taylor Loft, J.Crew (love their suits), Macy's, Limited for business or dress-up. I'm a size 6 so have options at many stores.

I think it's more of a question of finding your style than your store. I might spend some time online and in catalogs just picking out things that you like, until you get a feel for a styles, shapes, colors that are you. Only then go to stores and look for that style. Going through several stores without a target in mind can be overwhelming and unproductive.

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answers from Phoenix on

Ann Taylor LOFT, Old Navy, Banana Republic. Etsy for accessories!!

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answers from Denver on

Edit: I just reread my post and it should say that I don't bother with "shorts" not "shirts" -lol! I can't scroll down to fix it though... Typing on my phone and nursing:-)

Boden ( online)
Garnet Hill

have you tried shortish A-line skirts and a fitted t-shirt or tank? My summer-time outfit of choice. You can dress it up or down depending on your choice of sandals, jewelry, etc.... I don't even bother with shirts anymore. Come fall, you just throw on some tall boots and a cute cardigan. Easy and more put together than jeans and t- shirt every day.

I agree you have to find your style and THEN your store.

Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

I'm 31 but look like I'm 21, lol! I shop at american eagle and gap most of the time.

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answers from Sacramento on

I frequent Burlington and Marshalls... I am also 25, and I find lots of great tops and jeans that don't make me look too young, or too frumpy! 25 and being a mama, its kind of hard to find "that" style...

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answers from Dallas on

Well I am over 40 but I pass for early to mid 30's. I don't dress like a frump and not like I am trying to be 21 again either.

You can find a good balance, be in style and still be rocking hot!!

White House Black Market, Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic, Guess, Anthropologie, Neimans, Nordstroms, BeBe, Victoria's Secret online.

I occasionally find something at Macy's/Dillards and they do have personal shoppers as well.

Try to find a salesperson you connect with. I have one at Black House White Market and when she gets something in that she thinks is "me" she calls me and I go try on. I have bought things there that I would never have chosen by myself.

I am not a tennis shoe, UGGS, sweats, baggy anything type person.

Accent your positives! I have a tiny waist and natural perky DD's so I accent my tiny waist. Don't get hung up on the sizes... each store is different, brands are different. I wear anything from a 0-4 depending on who makes it.

Happy shopping!

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answers from New York on

I don't know if they have these store down there but I like H&M (some of their stuff) and Express has some really nice things although you will find some is geared for the 21 look. Both are expensive but they have sales. TJ Maxx is always a hit or miss but I like it when I am looking for stuff on the cheap, although from what I hear the store vary greatly in style depending on where you are.

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answers from Grand Junction on

I just wanted to say I COMPLETELY disagree with the comment made about the UGG boots!!!!! I love UGG boots and would wear them everyday if I could too! And If I seen you in the park I would think " oh where did she get those boots!!" just cause your older doesn't mean wearing UGG boots makes you look like your trying to look younger. Just had to throw that out there. You wear those UGG boots proud mama!! :):)

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answers from Biloxi on

Try Boden, I've had a lot of luck with their things. It's all online, but they have a great return policy.



answers from Birmingham on

I will second NY&Co. I'm 31 and most of my wardrobe is from there. I also have big boobs and find that their tops are fitted just right for me.Their clothes are stylish and affordable. Check out their online store and sign up for their emails. They have the most amazing coupons! I get one almost every day.



answers from New Orleans on

I'm a t-shirt and jeans girl but have to dress up for work. Most of my clothes come from Anne Taylor Loft and Banana Republic.

Just saw that you live in Lake Charles. If you can make it up to Baton Rouge one weekend, I think there is both an ATL and BR outlet in Gonzalez.


answers from San Francisco on

They also have personal shoppers at Macy's and Nordstrom, if you live near one of those?
You may also be surprised at some of the cute stuff JC Penney has, they have gotten much more fashionable, but still pretty inexpensive :)



answers from Shreveport on

did you ever try Chico's, Talbots???



answers from Los Angeles on

nordstroms online is great, you can return for free most of the time, they are a great company. also like anthropologie, garnet hill, asos (online). oh, and love my uggs too :)
happy shopping!



answers from Kansas City on

I wear mostly t-shirts and jeans, unless it's for work. Most of my t-shirts are fandom related (Doctor Who, Star Trek, Firefly, Harry Potter, etc. I'm currently wearing a True Blood shirt. I buy them mostly at teefury.com or Hot Topic.). Most of my non-tshirt shirts I bought at Kohls or Old Navy. Sometimes JCPenney's or Sears.


answers from Seattle on

- What's your budget like?
- Apart from comfortable/causal, how would you define you style? Are you attracted to certain materials, pallets, cuts, looks?
- What's your body type?


answers from Dallas on

Try some resale shops. They have a wide variety of styles.

I'm plus size so I shop at Lane Bryant, but I love resale shops. :)

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