Where Do You Shop for Clothing and Why Do My Pants Keep Falling Down???

Updated on August 22, 2012
M.E. asks from Collegeville, PA
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Ok, so I guess my question is 2-part. Please don't laugh at me--this is a serious question! I'm curious where most people shop for womens clothing. I am soon-to-be 33 years old and feel like I don't know where to find clothes anymore. I don't want to break the bank, but I have difficulty finding my size. I have lost some weight recently and am rather thin. I didn't think I was unusually so, but I am finding it difficut to find clothing that fits properly. For example, I can't seem to find jeans that aren't constantly riding down my hips (or lack thereof) and I keep having to pull them up. I thought my jeans must just be too big, so I bought them smaller but still have the same problem. Is this just the way low-rise jeans are supposed to fit? Petite sizes don't really work for me because I'm not all that short (5'5"). I have trouble finding my size in department stores unless I go to the juniors section, but those clothes are mostly way too young looking for me. So far my best bet seems to be Ann Taylor Loft, but the "pants falling down" thing seems to happen the worst with my stuff from there. Where do you shop? Thanks.

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answers from Dallas on

It is the awful "below the waist" style! I can't stand it!! For me, they cause muffin top AND show plumbers crack if I don't wear a belt!
Lands End.com has pants with what they call the traditional fit that sit on the waist. Kohls online also had some pants that sit on the waist.

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answers from Houston on

You're pants fall down, because the style today is that infernal low waist style, I have to keep hiking them up, so I went back to regular normal waist jeans, and lo and behold, they stay up!
I shop at kohls

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answers from Boston on

you suffer from flat @ss syndrome?? all pants will also give you high butt crack syndrome?? nothing helps, just get a good belt and longer shirts :)
get one day off from kids and go shopping, try on jeans/pants everywhere and when you find something that fits well buy several pairs, but make sure if they are jeans they arnt the kind that stretch out after wearing them for 2 hours giving you the same falling down effect :)
i only say this from personal experience of the topic haha.. it stinks! lol.. good luck!

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answers from Portland on

I haven't read all the replies yet - but MY PANTS FALL DOWN TOO!!!! I have been thinking about modifying my pants to 'toddler' like pants - you know the kind that have the buttons and stretchy tab parts? That you can size up or down at a whim? Am I explaining them right?

I'm so tired of them falling down! okay, now back to reading!!

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answers from Chicago on

Have you tried White House, Black Market? I am not sleder so I am not sure where to lead you but I have always wanted to shop there!! I would also take the jeans into an alterations shop and see what they have to say about the fit.

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answers from Williamsport on

I'm not super thin, and I definitely have hips, BUT, I have the same falling down pants problem ever since pregnancy ALL jeans, low or high, just fall down! Is it because I no longer have a waist or something? For a while I was always wearing tunics or dresses over pants, just so no one could see my ever-popping-out-plumber's-crack every time I bent over (which is all the time with toddlers). Even pre-pregnancy jeans that fit again, and didn't used to fall down, would fall down. ??!! Finally I got wise. You just need a belt. The only jeans I don't wear a belt with are some super high rise Levis' I got from Urban outfitters, like stupidly high for the "high waist" trend a couple of years ago, and I wear shirts long enough to cover the stupid high waist, but at least they hold my belly in which is sort of nice. All other jeans: Belt. Now they don't fall down. Even the hip huggers. If you don't want to go all over h___ and back trying on jeans, order up a few from Zappos.com and return the ones you don't want. They have all brands and are super quick and easy with returns. Look for brands and styles that specify "high rise"



answers from Harrisburg on

Low-rise jeans are meant to sit on your hips. I buy higher-rise jeans that are meant to sit at my waist. I don't go to any special department store or other specialty store. Most of the time I get my jeans at Kmart.



answers from Appleton on

I like Penney's because they have many different brands. Shop in the misses department and you will find Lee-Vanderbilt-ANA-Liz Clairborn-Nicole- and Bisou Bisou and many more. All of them have a different cut and fit. ANA and Bisou Bisou fit me the best because I have a flat butt and narrow hips. I'm 56 and have the post menapause belly (working on that ) but I still have no butt or hips. Our store here tends to be very quiet on Mondays and Tuesdays from open to close so if you want some time to try on clothes and not fight a crowd, go when the store is quiet. Take a friend to help you find stuff to try on and maybe run back to the racks to get different sizes. Also look for some cute belts I almost always have to wear a belt with jeans.



answers from Philadelphia on

Look into Chicco's. I think all or most of their pants are stretchy and they are very comfortable.



answers from St. Louis on

you need a higher rise for your jeans! No, plumber's crack, please!



answers from Eugene on

Chicos. Some of their styles look "older" but their pants fit well and have a little elastic in the fabric so they hug your hips better and stay up.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Clothing size and fit is certainly not an exact science, is it? For what it's worth, I'm 5'6", but I'm so doggoned short-waisted that I wear Petite sizes just on the top. On the bottom I wear regular sizes.

What store has the clothing you like best? If it's Ann Taylor Loft, go in (without children along) and ask for someone who can help you with fit. You aren't the only person who finds it all challenging, and a sales professional will be glad to take time for you if she realizes that you'll make a purchase if the size thing gets worked out. It could be that you'll find a solution; if not, ask her where you should look for pants, and stick with that store for the tops you like.

I'm not going to tell you where I shop because it won't help you - I'm way older than you are.


answers from Houston on

BUCKLE!!!! Best place for jeans without a doubt. I am also 33 and amd trying to figure out why I have not heard of it before now. LOL Anyway, you go in and you pretty much have your own personal attendant who will measure your waiste and inseam to determine the size you need. Many can do it just by looking at you (know what size you need). It's mostly based on inches, instead of 8,10, 12, 14 etc.. I have always had an issue with my back side of my waist puckering. (smaller waist with larger booty and hips) For once, I don't have an issue with that and I love they way they make my tooshy look! So does my hubby! :)

They can get pricey but try to stay with the BKE brand to stay under $100

I promise that you will love your shopping experience there...you feel kinda special getting called by your name. Buckle has trained their employees to give what is called "customer service"...not something we see alot of now days.

Good luck!



answers from Redding on

I'm 48 and have the hardest time finding pants.
I am 5'8" and built like a stick. The pants I can find that are small enough to fit me are all made for young girls who wear very low rise pants.
I can't stand them! I constantly feel like my pants are going to fall off of me.
I actually found some jeans on HSN and took a chance. They are higher rise which I SO appreciate, but I got size 2 and they are too big. The designer does make higher rise jeans though and the price was great. I will try more, but only if they come in a smaller size.
I can't think of her name right now, but she has pants and jeans on all the time and she has us older gals in mind when it comes to the rise.
Try googling it.
Locally, I haven't been able to find anything small enough that doesn't hit well below my belly button. I'm just uncomfortabale wearing them.

Best wishes.



answers from Memphis on

I have an invention called Quick Fit. Quick Fit is an iron on adjustable waistband that you iron inside any garments waistband, pull the elastic and u have an instant 3 inches of slack taken up. Quick Fit is used for peolpe with small waist, skirts twisting ,sagging , or bunching. Quick Fit is great for everyone and comes in different sizes. for more info visit www.quickfitwaistband.com



answers from Pittsfield on

Have you tried Land's End? They have different fit styles. I buy a lot of my stuff at the Bass Outlet because I usually have really good luck with jeans there. LOVE Ann Taylor, but a little too expensive for my budget. Try asking an employee for recommendations though.
Good luck! :)



answers from Boston on

interesting dilemma. Believe it or not I have observed the same thing and I am on the large side at the moment so it's not necessarily due to you being thin. I think it's the cut and the rise of the pants. I have some black market white house jeans on now that keep falling down and a great pair of ann taylor loft capris that fall down and I am talking size 12. Think about it - if the rise is lower, they sit at the widest part of your hips. THen as you wear them and they stretch out, they fall off. I would think a solution might be a belt, but at my size it's not very flattering to have a bulky belt added. For you it might solve the problem. Also a higher rise will work unless you have a very straight build with no noticeable difference between your waist and hips. Otherwise, anchoring the pants around your waist with a high rise will prevent them from falling down your hips. But I feel too "old" if I wear higher waisted pants so I continue with the pants falling down.

Good luck! I envy your problem.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I will be so happy when the low-rise fashion trend goes away for this very reason. My best jeans right now are Anne Taylor (not Loft, which is trendier and the low rise cut is even lower than in other stores) and they are classified as mid-rise. So they sit just a little bit higher. With a good belt, they stay where they are supposed to be.


answers from New York on

I have somewhat the same problem, size 8 though. My butt is non-existent, so there is NOTHING for the low-rise pants to hang onto.

I find that if I find "women's" jeans (like JCPenney's) with a little bit of stretch to the fabric, that helps alot. I also like the Macy's NY&Co career pants. They have a whole range of leg styles and waist types and depending on my current weight, time of year, whatever, one or more of those usually fit pretty well.

Good luck. Hope you can find some "alone" time to do some serious shopping.

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