Where Do You Shop for Clothes?

Updated on April 22, 2009
K.H. asks from Chicago, IL
5 answers

Hi Mammas,
I'm afraid I have a case of the post-pregnancy wardrobe blahs. I haven't really purchased much clothing since before I had my son (16 months ago) so my closet is looking a little drab. When I have purchased clothes it tends to be something I grabbed at Target while shopping for diapers. I want to purchase some nice tops and pants for work and weekends. I'm looking for items that are good quality, more classic than trendy and easy to care for (no ironing!). Every time I buy something at H&M or the Gap it ends up looking like trash after a few washes. Whare do all of you shop?

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Hi K.:

The best place to shop for you and your child in one sitting is MARSHALL's (inner ring suburbs such as Oak Lawn-95th & Cicero or up north-Belmont and Clark and downtown Chicago). They have brand names for both kids and parents, designer fashions and handbags at reasonable prices.

Another place for "you" and your child's clothes is JC PENNEY. They have cute clothes for career women under the brand name WORTHINGTON and they have sales all the time (coupons every week) and the clothes last forever.

I have also had great luck at THE CHILDREN'S PLACE and OLD NAVY for my 6 year old son.



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This is always a treat to myself, but I occasionally shop at Anthropologie as I like their clothes and the quality is excellent. They tend to be quirkier, but you can find some things that would be ideal for work/parties. They also have a sale section and I've often been able to find things there. Everything I've gotten there has really stood the test of time in terms of style and quality, and it's the only stuff that's held up in my closet (I know what you mean about Target!). The pieces I've gotten have fit extremely well, but would also be worth tailoring if you needed it. I've spent as little as $40 for a shirt, and as much as $120 for a dress, and they go up from there (though the $40-$100 is usually the range I find stuff in). I don't think their catalog really shows you all the stuff they have in the store, so it's good if you can get into one.
Hope that helps!



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I have a pretty laid back style. I like to be comfortable and dont see the point of wearing a nice top to preschool classes! I really like Lady Foot Locker, the Golf Mill one is a outlet. Everything in the store is 70% off everyday. ITs really comfortable for weekends(everyday for me:)
I like Old Navy too. They are less expensive than gap too. Im a SAHM so i wouldnt know where to get work/dress clothes.
I keep it casual everyday!



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I love Ann Taylor Loft. They are a bit pricey, but they have pretty good sales and I have gotten some nice clothes. They have sales fairly frequently, so you are not always shopping after the season. Nice clothes. Enjoy shopping.
I also like Limited. If you sign up for their mailing list, you keep getting coupons in the mail - which usually have $15 free (no minimum purchase) though you can use that 15 only for non sale items but can be used on specials.




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For work I wear mostly Banana Republic or Gap tailored trousers (bought on SALE, of course!) and shirts/trousers from www.Boden.com. I click through Upromise and I always fetch an internet coupon through
to save another 20% or get free shipping or whatever.

Right now they have a 15% off sale plus no ship fees.

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