Where Do You Keep Your Litter Box?

Updated on May 10, 2010
G.M. asks from Stephenville, TX
13 answers

I'm curious as to where people keep their litter boxes? I know everyone's house is different, but I'm just looking for ideas. Thanks!

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answers from San Diego on

In the bathroom in the cabinet space under the counter top (we took off the doors). When we had a basement, we had it there.

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answers from Rochester on

We kept it in the bathroom in one apartment (covered litter box under the sink area), and now it is in the basement. We have a cat door. Sadly, our children think it is a toy shoot. :) The only drawback to having it more out of the way is remembering to keep it clean, which is much easier when it is right in front of you.

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answers from Orlando on

I also have a cat door and keep it in the garage. I also keep her food out there, it keeps the dog out of both! Plus gives her a spot to be alone if she chooses.

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answers from Austin on

The Garage. we have a cat door.

I also house sit for lots of families, most of them keep them in their laundry rooms..

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answers from Honolulu on

I used to have cats... we kept the litter box in the utility room by the garage.

Please never keep it in the kitchen. I know some people who do that.

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answers from New York on

In the basement, we leave the door cracked open just slightly so they can get down to the box if they need it. Our cats also go outside.

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answers from Nashville on

Laundry room. One thing I made sure of when we got this house was that we had a place to put it that wasn't in a closet or bathroom.

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answers from Chicago on

We keep ours downstairs in the laundry room next to the dryer.

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answers from Seattle on

we live in an apartment, and for a long time we had it in our bathroom (covered box). when we moved to a different apartment, we had it in the bathroom as well, but it didnt work out (didnt want the cats in our room, but the bathroom was in our room +sleeping with the door open problems) so its in the hallway right now, with a litter catcher mat under it.

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answers from Los Angeles on

We have an attached garage and our cat uses a cat door to go in the garage and use it. Soooooo much better than in our house.

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answers from Augusta on

in the bathroom. I wish there was somewhere else to put it , but the only other place would be the dining room or kitchen and there's NOWAY it's going there.

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answers from State College on

Mud room currently. Two of the three also eat in the room. Previous house we had a pet room (tile floor), so the dog crate, cat boxes, couch they were allowed on, toys, etc. There were also plenty of pet beds and scratchers in the rest of the house too. The house before that we had one litterbox in the guest bathroom and a second litterbox in a corner of the dining room behind between a wall and a fish tank. (Not great locations, but it was the best for that house and kept them on vinyl or hardwood and not on the carpet. We have always had one in a room that we can close the cats off in easily if needed, mainly because we have one that eats everything! We currently have covered boxes, which are a little smaller to squeeze into tighter spaces and have the two side by side. I don't like them on carpet, since messes are harder to clean and we have one that sometimes likes to spray the whole side and a little will leak out between the top and bottom. I also keep mats in front to catch the litter off their feet, I have one indoor/outdoor doormat and one plastic car mat that has grooves (much cheaper than the ones sold at the petstores.)



answers from Kansas City on

The only place we can keep ours is in our bathroom. We have a ranch home with no basement, so it is the only place we can keep it. I wish it could be in the garage or something, but that just does not work.


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