Where Do You Buy Your Sheets?

Updated on February 27, 2009
L.W. asks from Plainfield, IL
4 answers

I need to get some new sheets, and for some reason I can't find any decent sheets at a decent price. What do you recommend?

I used to buy sheets and other linens in abundance, but I haven't replenished the stock and it's getting pretty low. About 10 days ago I ordered a sheet set from Overstock, and as of today I still had not received the order. After going back and forth with their customer service department (who blamed UPS for me not getting the shipment), I was eventually told that the order was never given to UPS to be shipped. Turns out Overstock never had the sheet set in stock in the first place. Can you believe it?

Anywho - I've been searching and searching, and the price of sheets can get really outrageous. I need your help ladies.

Thanks in advance!

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answers from Chicago on

Hi Lynn-

I bought mine from Costco- 400 thread count- They were on sale for $50. I bought another set recently for spring- They are awesome as they do not ball up like some of the others do.

Good luck!


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answers from Chicago on

I get jersey style. You can get them anywhere, walmart, target,etc.. depending what size you are looking for. I have gone to Domestication.com too.

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i purchased a wonderful sheet set at sam's club. they were a very high thread count(can't remember) and they cost only around $50 bucks.(king size) even my husband commented about how comfy they were.

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Bed bath and beyond had the best price on sheets. Plus if you get those coupons for 20% off, you can use them on anything, even clearance items. (I just checked on-line for clearance prices and they were high - prices are much better in the store for clearance.) Plus they carry many top brands.

Most BBB's have a clearance section, per department. I found 450 thread count king sheets at a wonderful price. If you dig through the section, you may get lucky. The only problem with the clearance section is that you are limited on the colors that are available, but for me, I was able to find a king set, twin set and full set, at a great price, and additionally saved 20% using a coupon on each.

Another place that had decent prices on bedding but the price you see is the price you get, no discounts offered, is Home Goods (there's one off of Rt. 59 & Jefferson Street in Shorewood).

Good luck.

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