Where Do You Buy Halloween Costumes for Toddler Boys??

Updated on October 04, 2011
S.K. asks from Chicago, IL
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I am looking at a few stores for halloween costume for my 1.5 yr old , haven't found anything good. If I like the costume the material/finish is not good or they don't have it in my son's size. I was looking for a tigger costume actually but I guess other costumes too as long it's not something scary.I did see monkey/turtle costumes but didn't like them much. I am planning on two parties for halloween , so I want a costume which won't get dirty very easily so that my son can wear it twice . (I had loved a bunny rabbit costume but didn't buy it for this reason)
Thanks mamas!

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answers from Honolulu on


Halloween costumes, are in varying quality. But costs money.
And kids, play in it and will get dirty, possibly.
The potential for it getting dirty, is always there. They are Toddlers.
You can spot clean it.

Also, some young kids, will not wear a costume for very long, if it is hot or uncomfortable or has things on their head.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I seen smaller customes at the Goodwill store this weekend- Brand new in store package- Also try Salvation Army thrift stores- they have a wide variety. Hope this helps

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answers from Richmond on

Party City dot com :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

How clean does it have to be? Any costume should be able to withstand two parties, unless your kid regularly jumps in mud puddles. I say you should get the bunny rabbit costume.

But if you're still looking, I got my son's first costume at onestepahead.com. I got his second costume on eBay. They are both great quality. He's worn both two years in a row for multiple parties each year.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Pottery Barn kids just put their costumes on sale today.

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answers from Washington DC on

We have cheked out buycostume.com and google search the Sprirt of Halloween stores too. Alot of the same costumes but one may have something the other doesn't.

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answers from Kansas City on


We have always bought costumes from their, or the Disney Store. I have never had a problem with the quality, or not being able to get the size I needed.

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answers from Utica on

I bought my daughters monkey costume at Old Navy. She is 21 months. They are getting way smarter too with toddler costumes - they are actually warm and functional. Old Navy had some really cute choices
Good Luck

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answers from Philadelphia on

I was just at the Disney store and ther were no Tigger costumes. But I did see a Tigger -looking lion from Carters it was fleece.

Ebay is also an option.

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answers from Seattle on

Woah...Pottery Barn is expensive! I say Costco!



answers from Pocatello on

I got both of my boys (3 & 18 mo) off e-bay. One was used but it was therefore way cheaper even with shipping and it looks brand new. I am very happy with my purchases and the kids are excited too!



answers from Atlanta on

Old Navy, Pottery Barn Kids, One Step Ahead and Costume Express all have huge selections of toddler costumes. I think I've bought a costume from every one of them at one time or another except PBK, but I know their costume's are nice and high quality -they just haven't had any we or our boys liked for Halloween.



answers from Naples on

I just picked up my son's (he's 2) from Target. They had a pretty good selection.



answers from Minneapolis on

I have gotten really cute ones off of craig list. For a fration of the price.



answers from Topeka on

Party America they sell kids costumes for $4.99 clearance dept.I just purchased my sons Hulk costume ther last week I wasn't going to pay $24.99 else where.www.partyamerica.com



answers from Indianapolis on

I got my daughters from Babies R us. They were a little more expensive than Walmart or Target but the material was softer.



answers from Portland on

My daughter bought costumes from Disney. She ordered them on line. Yes, they're expensive but they last for several years. She buys the next larger size. My granddaughter wore her piglet costume for dress up for a couple of years. Their costumes are very sturdy and washable.

If the bunny costume is washable, I'd go with that one. Even when they look "cheap" they are often made of synthetic fibers and are washable. Just remove any thing that's not washable from the body and sew it back on after. My granddaughter had a cheap Eeyore costume, not from the Disney store, as a baby. There were feathers on the hat. The rest of the costume washed and she wore it a second year.



answers from New York on


Great site and decent quality!



answers from Minneapolis on

Have you tried a consignment store? I just sold some of my sons' former costumes to Kids Carousel in Eagan. They were in excellent shape. I've gotten costumes on line, at party stores and at Walmart. I've sold some on Craig's List in the past. Birthday Express used to sell costumes on line, although their prices were a little higher. I once found a very nice plush Care Bear costume at Walmart for $20.

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