Where Do Kids Go After School?

Updated on September 13, 2009
J.C. asks from Anoka, MN
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My kids are not school age yet, just thinking ahead. I'm wondering if you are at work until 5:30 or so and the kids get off school around 3:00 is there anywhere for the kids to go besides daycare? (the young elementary kids) -And what does it cost? I would love your feedback! Thanks!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Daycare: outrageous

After school program provided at the school for a fee of roughly $100 a week per child

Family or Neighbor you pay your cheapest option

I always thought once my daughter was in elementry school I'd have so many more options and availability to work but what I've found out is you still need before/after school childcare and the kids are constantly having a day off for this or a day off for that or xmas break and spring break then summer break so it really did not open my options up as far as going back to work or anything.



answers from Minneapolis on

Most schools have a before and after school program available. Some will have an all day program for no school days and summer vacation. The price varies from school to school, but if you are really curious call your local school and ask what the going rate is.



answers from Omaha on

I struggled with this question with my daughter who is now 7.

Originally we kept her in her daycare, had Grandpa pick her up everyday to transport her when school was done. It was nice because they had bonding time, however I always worried about the weather and Grandpa having an accident, and my daughter was bored at daycare because she was the oldest.

I kept her there longer than I should have because I didn't want her to spend 10 hours at school a day!

We tried before and after school care after talking to a neighbor and it's FANTASTIC! They provide breakfast & snack, help with homework, provide different activities everyday and all for $50 per week. What I think the best part is, the "teachers" are usually college kids who are going to school for teaching, and are therefore "fresh" in their enthusiasm to work with kids.

I would say give your school's after school program a look, there might be a waiting list. My daughter absolutely loves it.

Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

look right at the school your child will go to...my daughter goes to before and after school care right at the school she attends. it is about $75 per week. they encourage kids to get outside and play after school and in the morning help with home work etc. they offer after school snack too. it has been a great option for us...we also get first dibs for non-school days and they offer full day care for non-school days for about $30.



answers from Minneapolis on

My son (1st grade), and many of his friends go to Primrose School of Woodbury. The Primrose Bus picks them up from their school, and brings them to their location. They have snack, after school homework help, time to play outside, and a teacher on-site to work with the children on projects, music and so much more! Most times, when I get to Primrose to pick him up, he doesn't want to leave.
You can check 'em out at www.PrimroseWoodbury.com

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