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Updated on October 29, 2009
S.M. asks from Anaheim, CA
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My best friend has stage 4 brain cancer. She just had her 3rd surgery to remove the tumor. She has 2 children , 2 & 13. I don't know where to start. Her duaghter really doesn't say much she holds her feelings inside. I want to take her to support groups so she can open up but i don't know where to go.

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S., I suggest you call American Cancer society and they can help you locate a good support group. I know St Joseph hospital has many services like that.
Gosh, change her sheets, clean her toilets, cook if you want to. Her brain is being otherwised kept busy, whatever you do is one less thing to think about. I have cancer and I know how special it is to have a good, KIND, big hearted friend doing these things...



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Hi S., My best friend recentlu died of glioblastomamultiforma which is a type of brain tumor. I took her to the american cancer society. They are nation wide and provide all sorts of help. It is so imperative that the daughter get counseling now. Also their insurancecarrier should provide mental health services. Your church is also a great resource. If on state aide then talk to the statesmental health department .also try the local hospital the always have grief counseling. The biggest hing you can do for her is also take her somewhere nice a peaceful and just hug her and hold her. Its amazing how much a nice long caring hug can accomplish. I hope this helps and good luck



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Hi S.! I am going to work a booth next month for an organization called "The Missing Link" They work with families that have one gravely ill parent to help the kids keep some normalcy in their lives. You can read all about it here: www.missinglinkfoundation.org The founder and creator of the organization's name is S. Garcia, really nice gal. I'm sure they'll be able to help you and if not, point you in the right direction. Just give those kids lots of love and let them know that you're there to talk any time they want. Good luck and God Bless!




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Hi S.,
I'm sorry about your friend. Another resource is the National Brain Tumor Society. They have a lot of information there. Best of luck and God bless.



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Start with love. Love her, love her children, love her family. Ask her, what can I do? Do you want me to sit here with you? Make you a meal? Take your kids for a few hours? Cry with you?

Just ask. Keep asking.

And be blessed. Feel so very blessed that you are healthy and your family is healthy. Be healthy. Live a healthy lifestyle so that you and your family never have to go through this.

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