Where do I find good baby monitor?

Updated on September 13, 2012
S.K. asks from Minneapolis, MN
11 answers

Hello! We are unhappy with our Fisher Price baby monitor and need some suggestions for a new monitor. Our issue is that there is a lot of static and sometimes the plug comes undone, leaving us with a nonworking monitor (which we don't realize because we are sleeping) at night. What monitor do you have and love? Where did you buy it?

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There are many different brands of baby monitors in the market, check out the article and consumer report for other people's reviews.

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answers from Minneapolis on

We have a Fisher-Price set that we LOVE! We've used it for 7 years without a single problem. I wonder if you just got a bum package.



answers from Dallas on

Avoid Summer's Infant Baby Monitor brand. Terrible products, I have gone through 2 already and both died on me after 1.5 years of use (each). I never dropped it or anything, just died. Terrible customer service as well. I have friends tell me Motorola is an awesome monitor and no static either. Summer's have a ridculous static and you can't sleep at night with it being so loud and crackling all nighe.



answers from Minneapolis on

We have been happy with the Graco monitor- we got the dual room one....



answers from Hartford on

I agree with one of the responders that a video monitor is really handy, especially in being able to see if the baby needs comforting before he wakes himself up. One of the neat features is that you can also turn off the video and just listen to the sound if that is what you prefer. However, we also have the Summer monitor (the stationary monitor b/c it is cheaper) and unfortunately, I have noticed a lot of intermittent, loud static (depending on where the monitor is placed)- sometimes to the point where I am afraid that it is going to wake up the baby. It is especially loud when he is upstairs and I am downstairs or vice versa. However, I do love being able to see him and I still use it.



answers from Milwaukee on

We just bought a new monitor for baby #2 because we had the same problem! It is a Graco digital monitor. I think it's called the ivibe, but it's the only Graco digital I have seen. We found it at Target and Sears and we love it! No static at all and it has rechargeable batteries with a rechargeable stand on it so it is so easy to take outside with me.



answers from Minneapolis on

Sumner video monitor. I really like it because I can see my son and check if he really needs me or if he is just making noise in his sleep. Buying this is the only piece of advice I give to any friends having a baby. I bought it at Target.



answers from Minneapolis on

We went through two FP sets in 6 months. Both malfunctioned in different ways. Tried a Graco after that (they have them at Target and BRU). Love it. W've had it for 3 years with no problems other than the fact that the rechargable batteries start having trouble holding a charge. I'm sure we could just fix that with a couple new batteries. Otherwise they are great! Small, good reception, can go longer distances, etc! They cost a little more but it's definitely worth it!



answers from Minneapolis on

We got the AngelCare monitor last April/May 2008. I believe I ended up ordering it from Target online. The AngelCare monitor is the one that has a pad underneath that senses if the baby is breathing or not.

I know it was a God-send for my SIL when her little one stopped breathing one night and it happened to my little guy when he was a few months old too. It beeps at you to let you know that there is no movement.

It also has the voice activated sensor too, which allows you to think it's "OFF" until there is a noise in the room, then you can hear it. Otherwise no background noise.

Since my little guy is now 18 months old I detached the movement sensor and just now use it as a regular monitor and it works beautifully! I've been albe to take it with me to run up two blocks to the post office while he's sleeping and I'm able to still hear everything. We have never heard any extra noise from neighbors or white noise.

It was bit more expensive than a regular monitor- around $100 or so I believe.

Good luck!



answers from Lincoln on

I too have a graco, but it is about 7 years old. I don't know what they have out there now, but have never had a problem with mine. I still use it for my youngest...we have never heard ANY static on it at all.

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