Where Do Babies Come From

Updated on May 26, 2007
R.B. asks from Bismarck, ND
9 answers

My daughter is 7 years old and today she asked me how babies get into mommies tummies.
I completely drew a blank and told her that we would talk about it later, when dad is home.
How do I go out explaining things to her on a child level??

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answers from Omaha on

My son started asking around age 4. I tried to fend it off as long as I could because of his age, but he was very persistant. I took another friends advice(she has seven children)and bought a book at a local Christian book store. It has pictures(nothing graphic) and explains how everything happens. It was awkward at first, but seemed to do the trick. He knows he can come to me for questions and that this topic is off limits in school or around classmates. It's called Before I Was Born by Carolyn Nystrom. It has also receive the Medallion Book Award and for ages 5 to 8 years of age. I hope this helps you out.



answers from Des Moines on

while you don't want to be too graphic, you have to be prepared that they are going to start hearing some of those things ALREADY in school. Shameful as that is.
I'd just keep it simple, that a mommy and daddy work together to create a baby and the best place for it to start going is inside where you can carry it around and feed it. Or something like that.



answers from Boise on

What can she understand WHAT IS HER LEVEL OF RATIONAL? I have a 7 year old who aske dme where babies come from at age 5! His 16 year old beice told him in graphic deltail and then asked me if she was "for real!" Sinc emy neice was very , um accurate , I told him that yes she was correct bu I had to let my neice know that he was a bit to young to learn the word vaginia... oh well. I BOUGHT A BOOK THAT DESCRIBED THE HUMAN BODY IN A LEVEL MORE AGE APPROPIATE. This may work for your daughter.



answers from Omaha on

Just tell her the truth. When God sees how much a man and his wife love each other he puts a baby in her tummy. You don't have to tell all the details.



answers from Iowa City on

I'm pretty comfortable with this stuff so its been easy for me. My 3 yr old daughter has already asked that. You have to explain it in an age appropriate way. I figured I would rather tell her than her misinformed friends or a manipulating boy in the future. I told her the dad gives a part of himself to help mom make the baby inside of her. Then the baby grows and gets bigger until it comes out. I also started from the beginning teaching her to call her vagina a vagina lol which some ppl think is pretty crazy. I think it keeps the conversation open for sex in the future though keeping everything frank and matter of fact instead of making it private and embarassing. That is my ultimate goal to be a part of the converation when she is older.



answers from Great Falls on

Make sure you tell her most of the truth. My parents lied to me and I never forgot how that felt. You don't have to do much explaining. Just say that two people fall in love, get married and then with the mama's eggs a baby is made and grows inside the mommy. Right now that's all they need to know.
Simple explainations work the best. You don't even need to mention sex at this point. God makes babies. You'll do fine.



answers from Omaha on


I have raised three daughters, now 20, 18 and 16. I started out by going to one of the local bookstores and finding a book that answered a lot of questions that your daughter has already asked or will ask in the future. Find one that falls in line with the truth and practice how you will tell her. I know it sounds silly, but the more comfortable you are with the explanation, the better it will come off to her.

One piece of advice, develop a really good poker face so that when she asks you questions, you can answer her honestly and without looking uncomfortable. This will open up the doors to a lot of communication down the road. If she sees that you are comfortable talking about things, she will be more likely to come to you when she wants to talk. Also, keep in mind NOT to give her more information that she is really asking for. When I felt that the conversations were getting close to an end with my girls, I would ask them "Did this answer all of your questions or do you want to know more?" Sometimes, my answers were enough (for the time being) and other times, they wanted more information. Just try to make sure that she knows that she can come to you with ANY questions or problems without judgement. By just having that pathway open, you will have a much more communicative teenager. Good luck!




answers from Des Moines on

I used some old anatomy books I had to show what it looked like when a baby was inside a mommy. I didn't explain sex to him in detail but I told him that when and mommy and daddy love each other they do something called sex and that you can only do it when you are married and that is how babies are made. He knows that the baby comes out from underneath from a special place that is made just for that purpose. He seem to accept my answer. I am currently pregnant with my 4th child. My children are 13, 10, 7. I told my older son when he was about 10 and all he said about labor was " I bet that hurts"..lol.

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