Where Did Our Naps Go?!?!?!?!

Updated on January 28, 2011
X.M. asks from Chesterfield, MO
7 answers

My 6 month old son went from taking hour and a half - 2 hour naps twice a day. Now he takes 30 minute naps twice or three times a day! Sometimes but rarely one of those naps will last an hour. Is this normal at this age? Will it affect his growth or health?

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answers from Richmond on

Did someone say nap?! Can I have one?!

Your son is doing what my son did... and it didn't get any better. He just doesn't need the sleep like my other kids did! My girls were ANGELS, they would sleep like 16 hours a day. My son... not at all. It does get a little easier once he's sleeping through the night, but man... I miss real, solid naps.

I feel for you!! Hope it gets better for you, because it hasn't for me!

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answers from Little Rock on

He may just be a very active baby. I would just put him down at the first sign of fussiness. I always put mine down for a nap at the first sign of fussiness that was not contributed to by hunger or need of a diaper change. Sometimes this meant one nap and other times this meant 3 and 4 short naps during the day. As my babies got a little older, they would crawl or toddle to me and say "Ny-ny" and I knew they were ready for a nap.


answers from Kansas City on

My almost 7 month old is doing the same thing. I am lucky somedays and he will sleep in the afternoon for longer but not always, usually I get 30minutes out of him. I hope it changes...but my daughter stopped naps completely at 2...she's just turned 4 so I am not really used to napping kiddos!



answers from Topeka on

I have 1 napping child only because he is sick.My soon to be 4 yr old has lost her naps yes it is normal they say 10-12 yrs of sleep is fine including naps.If you find him a bit more cranky then lay him down,several things can change the sleep pattern teething,growth spurts,illness,lack of physical activity,for me the lack of outside time they aren't tired like they should be if they were outside for the day.My 2 yr old wants to be outside to play but doesn't understand the cold wheather & snow



answers from St. Louis on

They go through weird phases like this sometimes. Just continue on your schedule and he'll go back to normal soon.



answers from Cumberland on

Can you trace this change back to something in particular? Was he sick, traveling with you etc.? My daughter's sleep got worse around that age because she knew we were leaving her to sleep. Does he seem tired, fussy even after the short nap? Mine was. I don't know about affecting growth or health but your sanity and his attitude will be much affected!


answers from Denver on

My youngest does this too. Supposedly, it's not normal, but what can you do? Not everyone needs the same amount of sleep.

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