Where Can I Find Edamame???

Updated on August 02, 2012
J.K. asks from The Colony, TX
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Can I find Edamame at a basic grocery store or will I have to go to a specialty store?
Also, can do I prepare it?

Thanks in advance!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for all your responses!

At JB, why do you say to read up before adding to my diet?? I have read many many articles and have done extensive research about edamame and have not heard anything negative. ALL IS POSITIVE and extremely healthy for you.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Costco has them in big bags. So does Trader Joe's.

But please DO read up on them a bit more. Soy is good, as long as it's *fermented soy*. It messes with estrogen levels (not great for developing boys). And, yeah, they eat it in Japan and they're all healthy over there, etc. But they don't eat American portions of it...they'll have maybe 3 edamame as a snack, not an entire bowl full. And they don't drink soy milk by the gallon. Every cuisine has its "junk food" - edamame is kinda like that. I grew up in Japan and NEVER saw people eating edamame the way they eat them here.

Enjoy them in moderation.

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answers from San Diego on

I buy mine at Costco, Sprouts, & Trader Joes. We eat them raw from the pod or lightly steam them. Nothing else is needed!

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answers from Boston on

Read up on this before adding to your diet.

And please don't eat them raw, ever.

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answers from Kansas City on

I prefer to buy them in the pod and let my kids dip them in a little bit of Kosher salt. They love it!! I buy the frozen ones from my grocery store and from Trader Joes...I think I've gotten Target too, they really aren't hard to find.

If you're mixing them into pasta or something, then for sure go for the shelled but otherwise it's fun, it's like eating peanuts in the shell!

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answers from Dallas on

I get it at Market Street in Allen. Many grocery stores have it in the frozen section!


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answers from San Francisco on

We have it at our grocery store, Safeway (fresh and frozen) and also at Trader Joes. Call your grocery store and ask!
We steam it, lightly salt it and suck the beans out of the pods. Yum!!!

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answers from Chicago on

If you live near a Trader Joe's you can buy them PRE-SHELLED in the frozen foods section. Just soak them in boiling (or very hot water) for a minute or two. Drain the water, sprinkle with salt, and enjoy! You can also puree the beans to make an edamame hummus.

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answers from Houston on

Most grocery stores should carry it. It will be in the frozen veggie section. They can be thawed out and eaten at room temp or steam them, which is what we do.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Our regular supermarket has it in the freezer section. They come in the pod or already shelled. I buy the ones in the pod. Our Costco used to have them fresh in the vegetable section. Generally they are already precooked and you just have to heat up in boiling water. If they are not precooked (read the package) - you just boil briefly. Sprinkle with salt and eat warm or at room temperature. Actually cold is fine too.

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answers from Honolulu on

In the frozen food section.
It typically comes frozen.
In the stores here in my city, all the grocery stores have it. It is commonly found here, in the frozen section.
Then, you just thaw it, or put it under hot water.
Season with drizzled sesame oil, and sprinkle with salt to taste and its great this way.
Or just eat it plain.

It is typically a Japanese food item. So if going to a specialty store, that is where you would go.
Or Whole Foods.

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answers from Dallas on

Hi J.,

We buy them at a middle eastern grocery store in Richardson. It is called Sara Bakery (They also make fresh pita bread there). The meat there is amazing as well. You can find fresh edamame there. I shop there every week. From time to time they won't have them but as a whole they have them daily. The produce is amazing. Typically they have tomatoes for under 99 cents a pound and onion 20 cents a pound. The address is 750 Sherman Street Richardson, TX 75081.

I typically put them in my dolma when I make it. You can just boil them if you like. Add seasoning to the water for flavor. I like using cumin and salt the best.



answers from Dallas on

any grocery store/wal-mart/super target should have it in the frozen veggie section. it's sometimes hard to find b/c it doesn't get the best space in the freezer.

you can normally nuke it.



answers from Orlando on

Target has them, and they have them in the bag, you just pop the bag in the microwave for steamed edamame :)



answers from Dallas on

I've seen it at Kroger and Sprouts. No idea how to prepare.


answers from Washington DC on

I have bought them from trader joes, costco and frozen ones from wegmans. They are really easy to find. You should be able to get them anywhere. My kids eat them frozen (one of their favorites!) or they just peel them out and eat them raw. My mom will steam them and eat it that way. I personally don't like them, but I buy them because my kids love them



answers from Dallas on

They have it in the frozen section by the frozen veggies in any grocery store including Walmart.. It just steams in the bag just like you do any other vegetable. I know I have to buy it regularly because my 4 year old loves it.



answers from Minneapolis on

Sams and Trader Joes near me.



answers from Baton Rouge on

My Win Dixie has it in the freezer case.


answers from San Francisco on

Costco has them. If you want it in the pod, it's usually labeled Edamame. If you don't mind eating them already shelled and frozen in a bag, go looking for "Soy Beans". That's all they are. Salted soy beans. Or as my father would call them, Japanese beer nuts.

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