Where Can I Buy Bracelets for BOYS?

Updated on April 21, 2008
T.N. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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My son (almost 3) is very sad that I make all this jewelry for his little sister and not him (almost 1). He asked, "Why can't I have a little bracelet? Why does only she get one?" So instead of telling him he can't have one because he's a boy (just like I don't want to tell my daughter she can't do something simply because she's a girl), I'd rather steer him in the right direction and buy him some masculine bracelets and a necklace, like made out of hemp or seashells or something. Another idea I had was something like those Livestrong rubberband-type bracelets, but do they make them in a child size? I don't want to actively encourage him to go against the grain, but I also don't want to limit him simply because of his gender. I really don't care what he wears or what the cultural expectations are. I try to go more by whether or not something is intrinsically wrong when I set a limit, so this is a limit I am not willing to set. Having said that, I should probably teach him what is socially acceptable and buy him "boy" stuff instead of just making him a pretty bracelet. I used to make hemp jewelry but it's been awhile and I'm not sure I remember how, or else I'd just do that. Where can I buy something like this? Do you have any other suggestions or ideas?

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So What Happened?

I bought a bracelet like the Lance Armstrong Livestrong bracelets from the LDS bookstore. It is a kids size and blue and says "Choose the Right." We're not Mormon, but it's still nice to make good choices, and it was only $1. He lost it of course, so good thing I didn't spend much money on it. I may go ahead and get him another one now that he's a little older and responsible (it's been a while since I originally wrote this request). I also let him make his own with a pipecleaner and tacky plastic beads. It doesn't really look feminine, and frankly I'm not that worried about that anyways.

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You can buy them at Hot Topic which is in Superstition Springs Mall. My son buys his there all the time. He also buys necklaces there!

Hope this helps!!!



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i had my son make some of his own. we bought stuff rom michaels like beads that looked like all diffrent sports balls. he had fun making them. my son didnt keep them on long but he still is very proud of making them!
good luck ive always wondered myself where to find cool jewlry for boys!!



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I have three boys (all teens though) and they have jewelry at any of the clothing stores--Hollister, Abercrombie, Old Navy, Aeropastle etc.. not sure if they would "fit" a little boy--but it's worth a try!

P.S. I had the same situation with my kids--I just let him make his own and it looked plenty masculine!(he was about 4 or 5)



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My four year old likes to wear my husbands necklace from Hawaii. I am sure that you can buy one at the mall in any of the skateboarding stores or find them online. I also saw some boy bracelets at Once Upon a Child on ValVista and Baseline. They have bracelet display at the check out. They were really cute and I thought of buying one for my son.

My son also wears Mardi Gras beads from his pirate birthday party. Those have been a big hit!

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