Where Can a 3 Year Old Have a Screening Eye Exam???

Updated on September 02, 2008
N.D. asks from Glenview, IL
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At my 3 yr old's checkup, her doc said she needs an eye and dental screen as part of routine things done to a 3 yr old. While I have a dentist for her, where the heck can I take her for an eye exam? I live in the burbs while my doc is in Chicago. Thanks!!!!!

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answers from Chicago on

I'm not sure about kids, but I just had an eye exam at Vision Works. It was super easy because they have long hours and there's always a doctor there. I never needed an appointment. They accepted my insurance, but even if they didn't, the exam is only $40. I think they just opened several stores, so there might be one near you.

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I took my son to Pearle Vision. They did the eye exam that is now required for entrance to kindergarten. Really, any place that sells glasses and has a O.D. should be able to do the exam. It is quick and painless.

Hope that helps.

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We went to Dupage Optical in Addison. The Dr. there is awesome and does only what is needed. He has lots of really great equipment and was super kid friendly. My son actually had fun! I would say worth the drive. If you need more info. let me know.

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