Where Are My Son's Permanent Teeth???

Updated on August 10, 2010
R.P. asks from Denver, CO
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My 7 1/2 year old son lost one of his top front teeth over a year ago and there is no visible sign of the adult tooth coming in at this point. He lost his other top front tooth about six months ago and the adult tooth just started erupting last week. During his six month check-up the dentist took x-rays and said that everything looked normal and that the missing adult tooth is definitely there. He also said that sometimes if a tooth doesn't come down that they make a small incision to help it along, but this is very rarely done. I'm a little nervous, as my son is very sqeamish about the dentist and has even gagged and spit up a couple of times during check-ups because he does not like the strange tastes/feelings in his mouth. (I know he can recieve "laughing gas" but I am hesitant because of possible nausea afterwards) Has anyone else's child had adult teeth that are slow to erupt? Has anyone had a child that needed an incision to help the process move along?
Thank you!

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My son is 7 and as yet were still to have a wobbly tooth/lose a tooth/have big teeth. I am hoping it will start to happen soon , because he is quite tall now and seems to be outgrowing his little teeth....they look so tiny in his mouth!

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I got the last of my adult teeth (other than wisdom teeth, of course) in 8th grade. Didn't need to have any incisions, but boy was it embarrassing to loose them in class (twice) at that age. However, the dentist says I have great teeth today--I guess it helps that they're newer. Hang in there.

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answers from San Francisco on

My son had the small incision to help his tooth and down the tooth came successfully over the next couple of months. It really was not a big deal, no tears and just a tiny bit of discomfort.

You are lucky that the tooth is there. My other son is missing an adult molar. His father had his baby tooth until he was forty and then he had to get an implant.

A good dentist will make all these procedures NOT tramatic. When I took my first child to the dentist at three I thought they would allow me in the exam room. I was nervous for my child. But they explained that it was there procedure to leave the parents in the waiting room. 30 minutes later my son emerged happy. Because of multiple positive experiences, when harder procedures come up, it is no big deal. But part of that is your own behavior. Do not make a big deal out of this.

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I was without my top two front teeth for nearly two years. I ended up getting my gums "lanced"...the incision you are talking about. Incidentally, I didn't get my first baby tooth until I was more than a year...my daughter was a year...my niece was nearly two.

I was thoroughly numbed and mostly have fond memories of the whole experience...my Mom let me eat all the mashed potatoes that I wanted.

I'd just wait it out until your dentist feels as though it MUST me done if it is affecting his other teeth. Encourage lots of apples, corn on the cob, etc...it may help them break through naturally.

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one of my front teeth took 2 1/2 yrs to come through and my wisdom teeth are still only half through (they started when I was 19 and I am 25 )

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answers from Philadelphia on

This happened with my middle daughter. As someone else mentioned, in her case I think the tooth may have come out prematurely (getting knocked a little in a play wrestling match with her sister). The second upper tooth didn't come out till several months later and that adult tooth came in first. Now the other adult tooth (in the place that was empty first) is finally coming in. As long as the tooth is there, I'd wait it out. Good luck!



answers from Scranton on

Dear R.,

Oh my gosh! My son lost his front tooth over a year ago and nothing yet - he will be 7 in September. His tooth though was brown from him falling and hitting his mouth on a table and then he was playing with the dog and it got cracked...so it fell out early. No other teeth have come out yet. I will be anxious to hear what other Moms have to say...but I'm glad my son isn't the only one with this problem! The dentist told me his adult tooth is there and sometimes if a tooth comes out too early it takes a while for the adult one to come down.




answers from Tulsa on

Go to a Pediatric Dentist, they put kids to sleep while they work on them. I wish I had had the opportunity when I was a child. I fear Dentists to this day and will not go except to get my rotten teeth pulled.

A Pediatric Dentist is a specialist, not a family dentist, don't be fooled. Ask your insurance provider for a list of them, we get state medical cards for my grandkids and the state gave us a list and I called all of them and found the most wonderful dentist that I drive 125 miles to get to him, we usually spend the night and make a date of it. It's that important to me to get them quality dental care that is NOT scary.

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