When Will They Learn?

Updated on May 16, 2013
J.W. asks from Saint Louis, MO
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When will marketing people ever learn it does not piss us off if you do not include the batteries??!!

When it pisses us off is when we get home, open the damn thing, can't find the batteries and find that itty bitty fine print that says takes xxxx not included!!!

Every freaking store sells batteries!!! What I cannot do is make them at home!!


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So What Happened?

Oh, not a toy thank god, because a kid whining in the background probably would have sent me screaming out the front door. Nope this is a stinking sprinkler timer.

Waiting for my beloved to show up with batteries!

I just wish they would put it in huge print!!

I have rechargeable but no way I am putting them on a device that goes outside.

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answers from Austin on

I learned a long time ago to have a "Battery drawer".. We outgrew that and now have a big container with batteries of all sizes.

Now if I could remember to do the same with light bulbs.. It never ends

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answers from Jacksonville on

We don't have a battery drawer, we have a battery bag. It's the old insulated shoulder bag that I bought and used for both the kids to keep their milk/formula in when on the go. It then doubled as a snack carrier b/c it has a handy exterior zip compartment perfect for those travel wipe cases.

Never went anywhere without it. Until they kids outgrew needing that cold pack stuff. So now, we use it to keep batteries in. Don't know how or why it started... but it is pretty cushiony (the insulation is the old school kind that is really think and insulate-y, not the newer thin flimsy stuff--it's probably the kind that has bad chemicals in it or something), and somewhere along the way I just started putting the humongo multi packs of batteries in there.

I guess about the time the kids evolved out of needing the chiller pack, they started needing lots of AA batteries. Go figure. Now I keep 20 or so AA, a dozen or more AAA, and a few Cs and even the random D battery pack in there. There is always a TV/Bluray remote that needs a battery replacement, it seems.... Or the kids will need one for something, like a toothbrush.

The ones I really cannot tolerate, are the stupid little button batteries. Everybody can remember "I need to pick up AA batteries" (or AAA, or C or D)... but nobody can remember "I need to pick up 4 disks with the code W43UJ898"!!


That is another thing with those stupid button batteries, you can never find them in the store. Sometimes they are in the camera/electronics department, sometimes you have to go to the jewelry counter, sometimes customer service counter, etc. And they don't all carry all the "sizes". If you need standard batteries, they have them all. AA, AAA, D, C... always. But not those stupid littles disks. Oh no! Once you hunt all over for them (if you remember the code in the first place) and locate them with the hearing aid batteries or whatever, then you have to search for 10 minutes before realizing they don't have the one you need!

I stopped buying anything that I know has a button battery in it, unless I plan to throw the thing away when it dies. Book lights are notorious for this. So I don't pay more than about $6 because when that puppy dies it is going in the garbage.

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answers from Miami on

Ah J., I gotta tell ya that as soon as I saw the word "batteries", I thought you were the battery lady who used to come on here! Then I looked to see who wrote the post and it is YOU! Not the battery lady!

Made me laugh (though I know you're irritated about your battery issue - sorry about that!)

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answers from Portland on

They're in cahoots with Big Oil, maybe? Hoping to get you back in the car and burning gas for another trip to the store.

It's good for the economy! :)~

conspiracy theory over.
(Seriously, it's not that they'll never learn, it's just that they don't really give rat's patootie!)

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answers from Phoenix on

I guess I just never expect batteries to be included, unless it's something that is rechargeable. I keep a stock of batteries on hand and when I don't have enough, oh well, we'll just have to wait.

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answers from San Francisco on

Toys R Us has it linked to their register computer so that if you buy something needing batteries, they will tell you when you check out. Too bad more places don't do that.

But yes, I'd rather they bump up the price a little and include the batteries, then leave one stranded.

P.S. I once received a video game system as a Christmas gift. But the store sold my mom the display model box...so when I opened it, it was empty except for the included game. That was a fun Christmas....not.

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answers from Washington DC on

Ugh, definitely! The button/round disk batteries drive me batty. The other thing I can't figure out is when we do purchase an item which includes batteries (for once), the replacement batteries cost significantly more than the actual original item. Must be el cheapo batteries, I guess. Just goes to show what the mark-up on those things is. Ridiculous.

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answers from Miami on

I know! My husband (engineer, of course) keeps a staff of at least the "major sizes" in bulk at home. We've gotten in the habit of including batteries when we give a gift for that very reason. Lots of times, the box will tell you on the front what size are required (for toys), but forget to mention that they are not included!

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answers from Houston on

Who doesn't have batteries at their house already…? Just a couple of spare AAs or AAAs? Really Flaming Turnip? ;)

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answers from Portland on

I have to laugh. I feel your frustration. I've been there. However, I learned to always look for the fine print that tells me whether or not batteries are included. In fun, I ask, when will you learn. Smile!

BTW: Where does one find the round button batteries to buy?



answers from Chicago on

I know exactly what you mean. We usually have extra batteries-I buy them on sale whenever and sometimes end up with too many. but then of course you don;t realize if you run out because the kids use them and don;t tell you. I once bought a toy that said does not include batteries. I bought AA and AAA because I could not find the spot where it said what kind. The box said "uses 3 AAA". No problem. It did NOT have the little disk battery for the remote control. Tiny little print on the back of the box
And yes, I ended up with the whining kid in the background because it was late when I found out.


answers from Washington DC on

Damn batteries! My sister and BIL are going to make the best parents. They always open the toys that need batteries, load them up, and repackage them so you can't tell it was opened. I don't have the patience.

And there is nothing more frustrating than that.

My friend brought a bubble blower thing to opening day of baseball for her 2 year old. She opened it with him standing there jumping out of excitement, and then BAM! No batteries!

I like the idea of a battery drawer or bag. I might start investing and just grab a pack every time I go to the store. But do they go bad if they aren't used in a certain amount of time?

And I get the round batteries at Radio Shack or Wal-Mart. Best Buy probably has them too. (Did Radio Shack close down? It's been a few years since I've gone there...)

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