When to Worry About a Hit in the Head?

Updated on March 11, 2011
Y.C. asks from Orlando, FL
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My 2.5 year old fell down when she was bringing her potty to the bathroom. She was very exited and ran with her potty on her hands and dropped some pee on the kitchen floor and slip (sorry if TMI)
Because she was running when she fall it was a hard fall and I hear a big noise of her head hitting the floor :(
I pick her up and bring her to bed and she is just fine, I check her head, is not any blood but I guess to early to see a black or blue, she is already playing again.
With my first kid (13 years ago) many moms, specially older ones told me than when kids hit their heads I shouldn't let them sleep for many hours and to give them a piece of bread. I am not sure how much of this is true and how much of it is just an myth.
I wonder when we should worry about a hit on the head when there is not blood involve and if the old myth of not letting them sleep in 12 hours (or it was 10?)?

PS: Just in case, yes, I was with her and I encourage her to bring her potty to the toilet, but I wasn't expecting to run, when I saw her running I knew that this could happen but everything happened super fast.

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So What Happened?

The floors a tile and now that you mention I am not 100 % the noise was with her head (I didn't even notice where the potty fell until I went to clean) but I did see her hit her head and she did the pain cry (you know the one that you know they got hurt)
I keep trying to check her head for a bump or a black and blue but she keeps moving (I think a good sign) and she has tons of hair but it does feel warm in the side.
Pupils are normal (but it was very hard to check because she moved a lot) and not trowing up and she is playing and running again.
Thank you all.
Minimes&Mommy you got me, lol. and I am thankful nobody did, believe me is not need, when I saw her head hit the floor I could think in 100's "I should had" in just that second.

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Please call the pediatrician's office and explain what happened and see what they think. When my daughter was younger she ran right into the corner of a wall. I called and they asked specific questions and were able to tell me that there was no concussion etc.

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As a former EMT and a mom of 3 crazy kids (didn't read the other responses), watch her for the following: uneven or completely dilated pupils, dizziness, vomiting, crossed eyes, uneven balance, becoming very sleepy (even if it's not naptime), sudden complete loss of appetite, gibberish (not the normal 2 year old kind), or sudden laziness.

You know your child better than anyone, you know if they're acting normal or not. Trust your gut, use your discretion, keep some ice on that bump! Even if there had been tons of blood, it's not an immediate reason to rush to the ER since the head bleeds like you wouldn't believe!!

If she's already playing, she's probably fine, so relax :) Just watch her for the things I mentioned above. Kids give parents heart attacks with this stuff, but are generally incredibly resilient and are fine!!

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Are her pupils equal in size to each other and do they both change in size in response to light? Assuming yes, and she's otherwise acting normal - normal memory, normal activities, etc - you're probably fine. God gave us a very good brain-protector in our skulls. If she shows any abonormal responses, activities, etc then take her to see the MD. As a precaution you can always call and see what they suggest you do.

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Sorry but I had to chuckle at your PS: Just in case ... getting ready to be questioned about your parenting skills.. notation. I find that I feel the need to add those statements as well =)

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Ive been told the only time you really need to worry is if 1. they lose conciousness from the fall or 2. they throw up and /or start acting really tired and just not themselves after they fall or hit their head. My DD took a bump to the head a few months ago and I saw the whole thing happen. I honestly thought when I saw it Ouch, yep she is about to cry and sure enough. So I picked her up to soothe her and after about a minute of her crying on my shoulder I leaned her away from me so I could see what I thought would just be a red mark but it was the biggest and cut up goose egg that I have ever seen. I literally almost threw up. I couldnt understand how a little bump / hit to the head could have caused so much damage. So off we went in a flash to the ER. Luckily everything was fine but I slept in her room with her that night and just kept checking on her every few hours.

Good Luck and Im sure she will be just fine

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Not all head trauma involve blood you can see.
I would call your doctor to explain what happpened and get advice and stay with her watching her very closely for any indications of head injury or for any changes in her.
Just be near her and vigilant. I am sure everything will be fine but you just want to watch for any changes!

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My 6 month old feel over and hit his head on the fireplace, I called the docs office right away.
The nurse said as long as he didnt pass out or throw up, he is fine. :)
She told me I didnt need to keep him awake.

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If you have a pen flashlight, I would check to see if her pupils are reactive to light and seem even (one side is the same size as the other). Bumps growing out are good....hard bump and no outward lump can also not be so great. Something similar happened to our 2.5 year old son 1/2 hour before bed one night....we let him stay up an extra hour and then checked on him every 1/2 hour after he went to sleep for a while (this was after I checked his pupils directly after the injury and the hour & a half later). We put ice on the growing lump too (as much as he would let us). Call your pediatrician's line and see if they have any other recommendations. I used to work in an ER/ECU for 4 years and have had numerous injuries over the years and this stuff is what my mom did for me to check for concussion, etc. Throwing-up following a head injury is a sign of concussion so be on the look out for that, instability, etc. in addition to the pupil reactivity. I would say the continued playing is a good sign :)

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Ice pack and keep an eye on her. If she acts fine she most likely is fine. Unless she is sick she probably does not to be in bed from a fall.

What kind of floor was it? Tile (more concern) or linoleum (less)? The harder the surface the harder the whack... also did you actually see her hit? My daughter became remarkable adept at not hitting her head. Could it have been the potty making a louder bang? Or her elbows?

If you are still worried, you should call your pediatrician, a check up or advice from the doctor never go amiss....

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One key thing is if she is still crying or not. If not, that's a good thing. I usually keep them up for about an hour. Also pay attention to if she becomes uncoordinated, has a headache, etc.


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i have a child who is constantly bumping his head. walked out of the cps office one day taking care of day care business and right in front of her he walked into the wall. i just smiled and said now if i get investigated i have proof. :) he can fall and hit his head on a concrete floor and not cry but get a goose bump. but i figure as long as he acts normal he is ok if he dont act normal we would go to the er. as many knots as this child has i am surpised he has never had stiches. he is fearless. he has gotten bumps at daycare but i dont worry we can vouge for each other if necessary that the child is accident prone. he even got one at church. as long as she is acting normal continue normal routine just get worried if you see any signs that the other mothers have said.

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I would call and ask your doctor.

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