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Updated on January 17, 2011
M.Y. asks from Pasadena, CA
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I have a 16 month old son who is still in diapers. Some of my family members have encouraged me to start potty training. Some say they have done so and by 17 months, their toddlers were out of diapers. My MIL told me to not even think about it til he is 3 years old. I have a potty for him and I tell him occasionally to sit there if he needs to go potty. He does go and sit there sometimes but not all the time. He sits on it with his pants and diapers on, it's more like I am trying to get him to understand what the potty is for.

So I wanted to ask other moms out there as to when you start potty training your toddler. I also heard that girls potty train faster and sooner than boys.


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answers from Dallas on

I introduced the potty for the first time when my oldest daughter was 15 months old but I did not actively start potty training her until she showed interest which was around 2 years. My youngest daughter is now 20 months old and still has not showed any remote interest in the potty we have for her but she is very interested in general with the ideal of the bathroom. My oldest was fully potty trained within about 2 months but we did a lot of things that made her want to "be more like Mommy" We taught her to take pride in the fact that she can use the toilet. My youngest doesn't seem to care so it may be awhile. As for girls being faster than boys - I don't have too much experience between the genders as I have two girls and out of 10 babies I know only 2 are boys and one is only 4 months old :) I can tell you that a little boy in the same class as my youngest is 4 months younger than she is and has already started pooping in the potty. Not peeing yet because he doesn't give enough warning to be able to get him there fast enought but he is telling them - they have taught him sign language for a few words.

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answers from Minneapolis on

My boys were out of diapers by 18mos. They are now 8.5 and 5.5 and never had a problem

we did Elimination communication. This is infant potty training. People who do'nt get it will say its training the parent and not the kid, but I guess as a parent I'm 'trained' to feed my kid when hungry, 'trained' to put them to bed when tired, 'trained' to snuggle when they are hurt or scared, and 'trained' to change a wet or poopy diaper, might as well be 'trained' to take my kid ot the potty too. :) I think that argument is dumb. We as parents are here to help our kids, and the same parents who claim its parent training to train a baby or toddler are the same ones who are trained to change a diaper on cue, so whats the difference?

The earlier the better when you want to potty train. Did you know that babies are born with the full control of hteir bowels and bladder? But after years of sitting in an ultra absorbant disposable diaper they lose that control and have to RELEARN it, especially if the parent waits until age 3 or 4. Your son is 16mos, perfect time ot intro the potty and get started and get it done! www.diaperfreebaby.org

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answers from Kansas City on

I have always been told that kids don't have full control of their bowels until 2 years. I started trying to potty train my son when he was a little younger than 2, by 2.5 he had it. I know I got really lucky with him, he turned 3 on 1/10 and still wets at night, I know that is something that could happen until he is 7. I think you should just continue to introduce him to the potty like you are doing, have him sit there. When you go take him with you, explain to him what you are doing and have him sit while you sit. Get some potty books or movies, those really helped with my son. He was really into Elmo at that time so we got an Elmo Potty Training DVD, I would put his potty in front of the TV with it on and I would have him sit on the potty naked the duration of the movie. My youngest is almost 19 months and she it just starting to show a little intrest in the potty, she will sit on it when I take her to the bathroom with me, she likes wearing her panties she got for christmas, but I'm going to wait longer with her since she's not as interested as her brother was at this age. It's all just when you feel your child is ready to start learning.

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answers from Anchorage on

My son started showing an interest at 18 months, so I put him in pull ups and encouraged him. By 22 months he was peeing on the potty half the time and pooping almost 100% of the time on the potty, so we went to undies. The first day he had a ton of accidents, but we kept with it, and the second day he only had 2 accidents, and than one or two a week for a few weeks. He was fully trained before he hit 2. My youngest did not start showing interest until he was about 2 1/2, so that was when we started with him. If you let your child lead the way the process is not so hard.

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answers from Eau Claire on

16 months is still quite young to be potty trained. I would continue to introduce your toddler to the potty but don't push to much. If you push to hard it will only set him back further.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I recommend a great "Potty Training" Book called "Potty Potty Potty" it is a very simple and sweet book, and it is illustrated by cartoons. A reward is Great Too!! I tried throwing Colored Paper Numbers in the Toliet, as a reward., and then we counted together., Hearts work, and anything else the child likes., stars on the Star Chart Work Well., we use to get one on our forhead!! I always wanted the Blue One, instead of the Red, Gold or Silver One!! The "Potty Potty Potty" Book is written for the Boys too!! Not Only the Girls!!! Good Luck Moms and Dads!!! Love you, N.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I would continue to offer him the opportunity to try if he is interested, read books with him about it, let him be in the bathroom when you are using it. But I wouldn't make it a "mission" any time soon. Maybe when he nears age 2 I would start to do a little more encouraging to see if he shows more interest in taking charge of the process himself. I think that by about 30 months he should be able to do most of what is needed enough to not have accidents as long as you are attentive and available to help if he is wearing something a little more complicated to get out of, lol.

My son was trained well before age 3. My daughter by her 2nd birthday. But I think 16 months is preeettttttty young. Watch for more substantial cues from him about wanting to do it himself, and for his growing ability to actually DO the necessary things (remove clothing, pull the step stool to the proper position, (or get to the potty chair in time), get on it, be still long enough, understand when he is done and make a good attempt at wiping (if needed, lol), then putting his clothes back on, and washing hands).

I would disregard your MIL's suggestion to "not even think about it til he is 3", and instead, watch your son for what he is able and interested in doing. Offer encouragement and praise as he shows more interest and makes better efforts. All kids are different. Some get it sooner, some later. There really isn't any way to know which your child will be until you get there.

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answers from Boston on

I think 16 months is way too young. They just don't get it even if they "get lucky" once in a while. The developmental stage of "full bladder, need to go" just doesn't come that early in 99% of kids. Frankly, some people push their kids in order to show how "advanced" they are, and it turns into a bragging thing. Put a little potty out, read some books to him now and then so the concept is introduced, and just wait. 3.5 is not unusual especially in boys. Just wait it out. He's developing in other areas, believe me, and he will not go to kindergarten in diapers! You have no way of knowing when his time is until it actually happens. Don't let others push you into something that will turn into a big frustration for both you and your son - wait until he gives you clues that he is starting to be ready.

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answers from Portland on

here's great deal of information at this site: readiness checklists, and the science/research on various approaches to potty training: http://www.parentingscience.com/toilet-training-readiness...

There are approaches that are actually more like mama getting trained to take baby to the potty in time.

While I have seen pretty much universal, quick success with allowing the child to lead the process when he's ready, it appears that starting at different ages, from infancy on, can work depending on your lifestyle, dedication, and intentions, and that all ages offer their special challenges or requirements for success. There are also warnings about what can go wrong to help you avoid common emotional pitfalls. Follow the internal links for a wealth of information; you may see the possibility of early training for your child.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

You certainly can try. When kids were all cloth diapered, 95% were trained by 18 months so it is certainly possible. Approximately 50% of the children in the world (outside the US) are trained by 12 months (great NY Times article from a few years back). My mom had my sister and me trained by 13 months and our brother by 15 months and none of us believe ourselves to be psychologically scarred by the experience.

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