When to Add Sugar?

Updated on October 30, 2009
S.M. asks from New York, NY
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In which age I can add sugar to my baby's milk?

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So What Happened?

I don' want to add sugar now itself, I just want to know what age is suitable for that.

Thanks a lot Marianne L

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My question to you is??? WHY DO YOU WANT TO ADD SUGAR TO THE FORMULA??? I don't understand why you want to do that.

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There is never a good age to add sugar to your little one's milk, or water, or juice, or anything you give your baby.

If your baby is not drinking it, change it. I don't know how old your little one is, if you should change formula or use 2% milk. But please do not add sugar to anything you give your little on to drink or eat!

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answers from St. Cloud on

You should never add sugar to your baby's formula. I am curious, where did you hear that you should?

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Why would you add sugar to milk at any age is bewildering. Are you trying to get her to drink milk? My son wont drink it at 19 months and never has. Some people suggested adding sugar to it to get him to drink it but I just make sure he gets calcium in other ways.



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Why would you need to? Not sure what the problem is here, but if your daughter is reluctant to drink try changing formulas. If you are concerned about her becoming dehydrated try some very watered-down fruit juice.



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At no age should you add sugar to your baby's formula. Everything they need is in the formula and babies should not have sugar at all. Even at 18 months, I still limit the sugar for my son.



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Never. Formula is already prepared to be a complete form of nutrition for babies. Also, the recommendation by the AAP (or maybe just some of the big name Pediatricians) is to hold off on added sugar as long as possible (ie 1.5-2 years or later if possible).

If you're looking for a way to get your baby to drink more, try switching formulas to see if there's a different kind that she tolerates more. Consult your doctor about possible allergies/food intolerances and how much she should be drinking at this age.


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YOU NEVER add sugar to baby's milk; please consult with baby's pediatrician; why would you want to add sugar, anyways? adding sugar will cause health problems, such as diabetes.



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Hi S. -

Based on what I've learned in my nutrition classes, there's no time that we should add sugar to milk, juice or anything else (if possible), and treats (cookies, candy, etc.) should be kept to a minimum.

Babies are naturally born with an inclination toward sweet foods and since sugar is empty calories with 0 nutrition, it's best to avoid sugar and opt for healthy sweets like fruits (at the appropriate time - usually around 6 months). Encouraging a baby or child's sweet tooth with sugar may create poor food preferences later in life.

Best of health,



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Why would you want to? It's already got a huge amount of sugar in it (as does breastmilk, naturally --sugar is required by our bodies for brains to function properly)...

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