When Should My Baby Be Able to Hold Toys

Updated on June 24, 2010
H.P. asks from Mountain Home AFB, ID
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my baby is 3 months old and he doesnt grab for toy or hold them very long when should be be able to do this. when do they learn hand eye coordination

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So What Happened?

i bought him a gym yesterday and he likes looking at the toys mabye soon he will grab them... ill let you know

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answers from Honolulu on

He's too young.

A good book is: "What To Expect The First Year."

Don't worry.

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answers from San Diego on

Your baby is still pretty young, but will start holding on to things and grabbing things soon. The baby gym is a great suggestion. I put my daughter in her gym when she was about 6 weeks old and at first she just batted at things unintentionally, soon she was purposefully batting things and then it eventually turned into her grabbing things. It is great for developing hand/eye coordination. Even though my daughter (6 mos. old) is always grabbing and holding onto stuff (especially my hair!), she still drops things pretty regularly and cannot hold onto any one toy for too long.

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answers from Denver on

Be patient and make sure you're playing with him for many 10-15 minute intervals during the day. Demonstrate how to play with the toy, then let him have a go at it. Babies are human- they need lots and lots of practice to build NEW skills. =D I'd suggest buying "Everything You Need to Know" for the first year of babies life, then the toddler edition of that book. I'd also recommend you get "Happiest Baby on the Block" and "Happiest Toddler on the Block". Make sure he gets some downtime to play on his own. Babies are super curious and learn through discovery play!

Best of luck!



answers from Phoenix on

My fifth child is 10 weeks and I was wondering the same thing. I forget! =) But it should be soon. It seemed like all of a sudden my babies would start reaching for stuff. It goes so fast.



answers from Chicago on

It should be starting soon. Keep trying. The more you interact with him, the quicker he will catch on!

I kept putting my daughter into her activity gym. She would be able to hit the toys hanging but her movements were not necessarily intentional. I was so excited when she finally connected the movements. After that grabbing and all hand eye coordnation just seemed to happen almost over night. She still is working on how to position things in her hand for optimal placement in her mouth... teething comes sooner than you think!



answers from Dallas on

Its at or about 4 mos of age, ladies.

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