When Is Too Late to Respond?

Updated on July 14, 2012
D.B. asks from Fargo, ND
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Hi all . . . this isn't an earth shattering question but . . . I don't regularly check this site, sometimes it's a couple times a day, sometimes its a couple times a week. If I have the time, I'll go a few pages back but sometimes debate (just to myself :-) on replying or not because I fear it's been too long and they will no longer be checking.

How long before you don't respond? Would you then send a PM? If you ask a question, how long to do "check" for responses?
Also, on the So What Happened - do people go and check those? Usualy they are explanations that help me answer.

Thanks - have a great one.

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answers from Missoula on

I get an email whenever someone responds to one of my questions, so I would say there is no such thing as too late.

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answers from Dallas on

Just got a response about my sick cat, a YEAR later. Well, we put him down in NOVEMBER. Annoying.

Usually if it's just a run of the mill opinion like "who's hotter?" JFF question, no time limit.

A "My child has a high fever. Should I take her in?", no later than a day. Obviously, the issue should have been taken care of by then.

I just try to use common sense when choosing what/when to respond.

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answers from Charlotte on

That's too bad about the really late response about your cat, Bethy. Hope it wasn't me!

I would say that if you think that there is something you could say to help the person, then it's not too late. What you might do is pop her a PM and tell her that you just saw her thread about "x", and wrote a response. If, like me, she does not receive emails from MP (and I don't know why I don't), she won't miss your response. (But she'll see your PM when she opens up her flowers.


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answers from Cleveland on

good question, generally I stop checking after a week, BUT if i ask a new quesition and check on My questions to see if ive gotten new replies and notice the number of answers from teh question bfoer chnanging then i'll check no matter how long i'tsb een.

i say if it' moves you answer, If it moves you greatly pm, otherwise pass it by or you would be here 24/7 catching up.

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answers from Missoula on

I don't get an email when I get responses... but I DO like to go and check the 'my questions' tab each night to see if I got any new answers.

I do know that the BIG questions (if they get so many answers) make it to the side bar on the home page about 1-3 weeks after it is posted... so then a whole new round of answers starts. I usually check my answers to a question for about 1 week if it doesn't seem 'popular', up to 4 weeks if it is. :)

I base how late I answer on that... If there are less than say, 10-15 answers, I will only answer up to a week or so late... but if there are a TON of answers, I will answer up to 3-4 weeks late. :)

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answers from Portland on

I also have gotten an e-mail from Mamapedia when my question was answered several weeks later.

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answers from Washington DC on

i always get pinged by MP when someone responds to one of my questions, even if it's months later.
if i get thrown back to an old question for some reason i'll still reply to it. the only person who is likely to read my response is the OP, but that's okay.
:) khairete

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answers from Phoenix on

I stopped getting an email from MP for anything other than someone sending me a private message. I was just getting way too many since I'm on here all the time. =)

I will go and check my own questions for a couple days at least, for new answers. I like to give everyone a flower that takes the time to answer me.

95% of the time, I'm only on here during the week days, not weeknights or weekends. So on Monday morning, I start at the current question, and work my way back to where I left off on Friday. So the oldest question I would respond to may be 3 days old. I won't reply if its, "my kid is sick, what do I do?" I would assume they already had that taken care of. But I will respond to anything else. =)

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answers from New York on

I think it depends on the nature of the question. Although I will go back and read post from a few days ago, I rarely respond to a question that is over 3 days old.

Lots of times if I get a flower for responding, I'll check on the "what happened section". Also, if it was something that pertained to me and I was interested in the responses that were received.

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answers from Washington DC on

I get an e-mail when someone has responded to my question. So I don't check until I get the "ping".

I don't think it's EVER too late to answer a question. There was one on here who answered a question from 3 years ago - which then spurred a question.

If the question is VERY interesting to me - then yeah - I go back and check the SWH to see if they liked the advice given or anything like that.

A TAD off topic - I posted last week (I think, don't quote me on that) that it bothers me (and apparently others) when a poster deletes their question. You can USUALLY figure out what the person said in their post by reading the responses. But it doesn't matter how mundane the question is - **I** (and others) prefer them to NOT be deleted. I get what other people are saying about "they don't want it tracked by to them"...but really? If the person that the post was about - reads their responses AFTER it was deleted? they can still put two and two together.

This is a GREAT question by the way!!!

have a GREAT Friday the 13th!!! And a great weekend!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Some members set up their account so that when their question gets a response, they get an email. I think you can also have it that way when someone sends you a flower.

Depending on the question (not time-specific, etc.) just go ahead and respond. If you think you have extremely useful information--go ahead and PM the info directly!

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answers from La Crosse on

I also get an email when someone responds to one of my questions. So for me it rarely ever too late :)

Even if the question has been resolved, I will take the extra advice incase it ever comes up again I will still have some options to go off of.

Some questions I check the SWH.. other times I don't. Depends on the question.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I think an e-mail goes directly to the writer... no matter how old the post is so they will get your 'answer' even if the post is very old.

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