When I Start Introducing Other Foods Besides Her Formula Is ORGANIC BETTER?

Updated on October 26, 2006
D.D. asks from Tampa, FL
4 answers

My daughter is 4 1/2 months and besides being curious on when to feed her other food besides formula, do I feed her just organic foods? I am very skeptical of all the antibiotics in cows, pesticides on our vegies and fruit, and unnecessary food coloring on our every day food.
D. D.

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answers from Tampa on

For the most part I would defintely say yes! Especially whre milk is concerned. I don't think that you have to give her 100% organic foods but for the majority I would. Organic foods are definitely safer. Especially, since we do not know the long term effects and risks of hormones and pesticides on brain and growth development. I have 13 month old and she eats mostly organic foods. She just got her first cold. Hope this helps!



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Oh boy. First of all, know that I am incredibly biased when it comes to this issue (I am working on my Bachelor's in Alternative Health and hope to open a wellness center specifically for Women and Children). I have 5 sons, but knew nothing about organic foods until I was newly pregnant with my 4th. I was guided there by my aunt (whom we all used to make fun of for being so organic). Once I researched it all there was no going back. The short answer is YES, organic is better.
The problem becomes cost when your family is the size of mine (heehee). Since you have a small family right now, my personal opinion is that you really should go no other direction but organic. When I first got into it all, I had to shop at natural/organic shops, but now mainstream groceries and department stores are carrying organic formulas, baby food, bath and body prodcuts, and nontoxic cleaners. I'm so happy to see the trend. Be prepared,though, there will be people who think you're a nutcase (though there are less and less of those with every incident of food recalls). Just smile and know you are doing what's best for your child (and don't forget yourself as well).

PS. Do a google search for 'organic baby' or 'nontoxic baby' and that will get you started. These are good sites:



Best of luck!



answers from Tampa on

Hi D., Yes I would say organic formula is better if want to avoid those hormones and antibiotics that typically come from conventional dairies. I also agree that there's no need to feed your daughter solids until after 6 months and sometimes later, depending on how ready she seems. Remember, the child has to be ready to swallow and she will show interest in what you are eating and sometime grab for it. My doctor reccomended solids @ 4 months bit I disagreed and waited until 5 months. I could've waited much longer because she didn't really start eating until after 12 months. As for water, I don't remember what age we started, but I'm sure it was well after 6 months but my daughter was exclusively breast fed. Listen to your doctor with a grain of salt as he/she is not a nutrionist. They get most of their info from formula companies. If you speak to an actual pediatric nutrionist they will usually agree. Your doctor is a doctor and rarely have hard knowledge about infant nutrition. You may find, as I did, that the doctor will largely base your childs health status on the number on the scale. Good luck D..



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I started feeding my son @ 5 months old, and I never bought any baby food. I made his food from fresh ORGANIC veggies and fruits. It's very easy to make your own baby food. Plus, it's cheaper and healthier for your baby! All you need is a food processor and ice cube trays. Blend up all the food, pour into the trays and freeze overnight. Then put cubes into ziplock bags, seal tight and put back into freezer. You can thaw them by putting them in the fridge the night before ( if you plan meals in advanced) or in the microwave. There is a really good book out called "Super Baby Foods" and it was a big help!

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