When Do You Give Nanny a Raise??

Updated on September 11, 2008
L.O. asks from Sterling Heights, MI
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I had a nanny when I worked...After my second child was born I quit my job and now stay home with my kids. I still have my nanny watch the kids once or twice a month(maybe 5 or 6 hours during the daytime).

When she was my full time nanny she did most of the housework and laundry. But now on the occasional days she is here - I really dont expect much just take care of the kids and clean up after meals.

Today my nanny todl me that she wants a raise from $10 and hour which I have always paid her to $ 12 an hour. She said that she deserves a raise cause she has been here 2 years and that she does extra housework..

I certainly would have given her a raise if I were still working and she was still watching the kids full time.. but I think an occasional babysitter is much less than a full time nanny and as such deserves less $$ .

what do you think??

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answers from Detroit on

I would first consider her circumstances. Is that all she does for income?
If so, I would consider the idea.
If not, I don't think an occasional sitter needs a raise.

I was a nanny for 4 years and always got the same pay. They did however give occassional bonuses (once or twice a year).

If money is tight for you, bonuses may be cheaper in the long run. When I got bonuses they were $10 extra added on to my usual pay.

That may be a good compromise.



answers from Detroit on

Can you compromise at $11.00/hour?



answers from Detroit on

Its completely up to you - we have a full time nanny and aren't able to pay so much (we pay a net of 1300 a month) but at the 6 month mark we bumped her to 1500 a month and I will bump her at the 1 year mark to 1650 a month. We also give one week paid vacation, 4 sick days and 9 holidays paid so there is value in that too.

As for your situation I would agree that a small bump in salary would be appropriate if she has been there two years without any form of increase. A 10% raise would be to $11 and perhaps a good compromise. If you can't afford to raise then you may want to find someone else... you can find good part time help in the $8-10 range.



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I pay $10 for a babysitter. If she watches your kids only a few times a month, she is a babysitter not a nanny. I think the acceptable rate for a non-high school babysitter is 8-10$ per hour. I think that is fair.

Maybe tell her that you don't expect her to be doing housework.

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