When Do They Jump?

Updated on February 11, 2010
A.S. asks from Lubbock, TX
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My son is two and a half and still cant jump is this normal?He has been in tumbling since he was 18 months old and still can barely get his feet off of the ground when he tries to jump.Can you moms out there let me know what age your children were jumping by?

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answers from Dallas on

I use to run a large childcare center (almost 300 kids) and on average the children were in the 18-24 month classroom. At the latest around 28 months....

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answers from Indianapolis on

I'd agree with all the other moms - our 3.5 year old has only really been jumping for a few months. He'd try before, but he really mastered it recently.

Having taught gymnastics for 4 years, I will say some kids are gifted physically and others are not. You think that all kids will understand how their bodies work and what they're supposed to do, and nature has another answer.

If you're really concerned, I'd ask the pediatrician at your next appointment. But, I'd say his development is right on track based upon my own kids' experiences.

here's a link to the American Academy of Pediatric's parenting site with developmental milestones for his age:


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answers from San Francisco on

My daughter is 27 months and just started to jump with both feet. Our gymnastics teacher said jumping happens sometime around the age of 2 so I was really worried when she wasn't doing it at 2. I then decided to just not worry about it since she can do so many other things (like your son, I'm sure!) But this past weekend I was surprised to see that both feet came off the ground (barely!) in what I would call a jump. : ) So when you least expect it, it'll happen.



answers from New York on

My son is 2 1/2 and is still not totally jumping with two feet. He tries all the time and is quite proud of himself when he actually gets both feet off the ground. We hold his hands and jump with him a lot on our bed so he can get the feeling of what jumping is and it is a great game right before bath time. Most of his friends who are a few months younger than him however are jumping off of steps and couches and beds! My son doesn't seem bothered by the fact that he can not do this and is quite content with his version of jumping so I am not too concerned.


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My daughter was jumping at about 18 months. My 9 year old didn't jump though until she was about 2 1/2. My 27 month old is CRAZY active though! Always has been. Started walking at furniture at 6 months and walking at 9 months, jumping off of furniture at 12 months, and running around the same time.
The active ones are tough to keep up with, so if your son is not so active, count yourself lucky. :)



answers from San Francisco on

My 32 month old mastered jumping only a couple of weeks ago. A little bit late, but he has always been quite quiet and not very active, so most physical milestones tend to be late!


answers from Austin on

When my son was 3, he was still having trouble jumping without holding on to something. The other kids that age were jumping off the curb or the bottom step. We got him one of the small trampolines with a handle to practice. The school tested him then, and said that he was behind physically, but not enough for them to help him(just for speech). At age 5, he wasn't able to hop on 1 foot, so he went to occupational therapy which helped. Now at age 8, he is frustrated with jump rope which his friends can do but he can't.



answers from Seattle on

This is so random that I just read this post. Yesterday I was on BabyCenter.com looking up milestones by age - for jumping, actually! My daughter is 20 months and can't jump and my husband thought it was completely weird - I hadn't even thought about it. The website says that "most" kids master jumping with both feet around 28 months. Your son is not very far beyond 28 months at all, so I definitely don't think he's outside the range of normal. I don't have any personal experience to offer you, but you probably don't need to worry yet. Here's the link to that website: http://www.babycenter.com/0_milestone-chart-25-to-30-mont...

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