When Do I Tell at Work ??About My Pregnancy

Updated on November 19, 2006
S. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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I know the normal rule says 3 months or so but here is my siatuation.

I started working as a contyractor 3 months ago then my compnay offered me a permanent job.when i accepted i did not know i was pregnant but the week it was my official start date i found out i am pregnant.

Also i have a pre planned vacation in dec for 3 weeks that i m ataking that i had told my bosses before i accepted teh job and they were OK with it.
Given my siatuation what do i do ?
I am really tired most days but i am trying to be as NORMAL at work as possible.

SO now tell me WHEN shoul di tell my BOSSES???

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answers from Dallas on

I agree you should tell them soon. If you're doing a good job it won't matter.

I was working as a contractor years ago, and I was pregnant. Then they decided to hire me and the next day after the paperwork I was put on bed rest. These things happen.

14 years later I'm still with the same company.

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answers from Dallas on

Hi S.,
Frankly, it should NOT matter! It is against the law for them to discriminate the position at your time of hire whether you already knew you were pregnant or not. I would just tell them before you start showing too much. It is also against the law for them to ask you if you are pregnant even after you start to show! I would however contact the Human Resources department or look at your new hire paperwork to find out when your short term disability kicks in… most companies will allow you to take 3 months of STD for a pregnancy!

I started a contract position when I was 4 months pregnant and told them about a month later. I finished my 6 month contract and they were very happy for me, they really have no choice in the matter.

Good Luck and Congratulations!

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answers from Dallas on

Now. Tell them now so they can plan too. A good boss and
company will be behind you. And the sooner they know, the
better it will be with your medical benefits.
When you tell them, ask about the vacation. That you feel
unsure about it and let them assure you it is fine.



answers from Dallas on

No unwritten "rule" for telling, however, I would do it before you start showing and people start speculating. I was working full time when I was pregnant, and I didn't even know I was pregnant until my 12th week. I tell you this, because when you do tell them they won't know if you just found out, knew about it for a while, etc...and you don't have to share that information.

The "deal" you made regarding your vacation should not be affected by your pregnancy news. A deal is a deal, and when you negotiated this with them you had no idea of your pregnancy-it was done in good faith.

It's natural to be a little nervous about telling your employer-I was. I was in a Product Management position-very stressful job and I had only been there about 7 months. The bottom line is we are women...we have children. It doesn't mean that we can't carry out our jobs.

Good luck




answers from Dallas on

honestly, tell them whenever you want. 3 months is good just because your first trimester. And be honest with them.

I started a new job on June 1, 2004 as a contractor. I found out on June 3rd I was pregnant. I waited 3 months to tell them because I was also waiting to get my first evaluation. I had to sleep in my car at lunchtime and I took along snacks and a drink to every meeting I was in. When they told me I was doing a great job, I told them, "I'm so glad you've been pleased with my performance because I just finished my first trimester and if you think I was doing a good job then, you should see me now that I have my energy back!!" They didn't even bat an eye at my news and I was hired perm when I was 8 months pregnant!!

Just tell them the truth.

Take your vacation if you want or modify it so you have more vacation when your baby is born. Either way, it's no biggie.

This is nothing to worry about. You're already a perm employee. I would be more worried about your maternity leave since you won't be eligible for FMLA. You'll only get the 6 or 8 weeks unless your company allows you to take more, which some do, some don't.


answers from Dallas on

Although it is against the law to discriminate against pregnant women... it is not against the law to be discriminated against because of failure to fully complete to your employers satisfaction any job duties due to pregnancy. Trust me, I know this all too well! Don't tell your boss until you have a game plan. If you go in there nervous and don't know what your plans are, they may not be too thrilled, and it may hurt you in the long run. But if you go in and say, "Here's the deal, I'm pregnant, I plan to continue to work this many hours, I will have so and so cover for me during Doctor's visits that will be narrowed down to these specific days of the week, and I expect to take maternity leave around this date, and return to work at this date. (of course things change, but a game plan is neccesary for employers!)... they will have greater respect, and confidence in you, and you will feel better too.



answers from Dallas on

When expecting my first child, I accepted a job and didn't tell them until I was about 4 months along, before I began to show. Their response was great, not a single problem, and I even let them know that I knew ahead of time but didn't know the right time to say something.

You didn't have to say anything, plus you didn't know you were pregnant, and they are not legally permitted to make a hiring decision based on your being pregnant or not. Basically, be confident, don't explain anything you don't want to, and know that you are well within your rights.



answers from Dallas on

I would tell your boss as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it may be. Go ahead and get it out of the way before you start to show much. Your boss will appreciate your honesty.



answers from Dallas on

Honesty is the best policy! It's better to be upfront and talk with them about ways to work with your situation. They can't fire you for being pregnant -- it's illegal!

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