When Do Children Get Freckles?

Updated on July 04, 2008
C.R. asks from Richmond, VA
5 answers

Does anyone know when children develop freckles? My daughter is fair skinned, strawberry blonde and blue eyed like her daddy, who has freckles. Just curious as to when they start showing up (if they're going to).

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answers from Washington DC on

I'm fair-skinned with plenty of freckles, my oldest DD was born without any freckles but has been developing them slowly over the years. She got her first couple by the time she was 9 months, I think. (She's 4 1/2 now.)
My second DD was born with a dark freckle on one thigh, and we're just waiting for others to show up - she's just turned 9 months and has one other, I think.
Have to go check now... = )
I don't think they are all activated by sunlight (witness my newest being born with one), but sun certainly speeds the process. = )



answers from Washington DC on

My kids both developed a couple dark freckles early. I'm very fair skinned myself and FULLLLLL of freckles. My oldest is fair skinned as well and he started developing freckles probably when he was 3. I hate my freckles but his are so cute!



answers from Richmond on

My daughter is 4, and I have just started noticing freckles appearing on her face this summer. My husband's side of the family is very freckly, so we figured this was coming. I think they are cute on my daughter, but my husband's sister hates her freckles. We use SPF 70 sunscreen every day - which we would do regardless. I do think sun exposure accelerates freckle development. Even though I am not freckly, I used to get a "blotch" on my lip every summer until I started using lipstick and chapstick with SPF.



answers from Washington DC on

I could be totally wrong but I only have freckles in the summer when I spend a fair amount of time in the sun. So that would be my answer, when you spend time in the sun. Could be different for other people though.



answers from Charlottesville on

I am covered in freckles and always assumed my daughter would get them also. She just turned 3 and recently got her first few freckles on her back. She has 4 of them close together on her back. I read the other reponse and I am not sure if it is from the sun or not since it is summer time but if so it took them 3 years of exposure to show.

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