When Did Your DC Start Walking?

Updated on March 25, 2008
S.F. asks from Birmingham, AL
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My DD is almost 15 months old and is still not walking. In fact, she won't hardly even "walk" when we hold her hands to get her to try walking on her own! At first we weren't too worried but as she gets older- I can't help but wonder if maybe we should have her checked out.

Did anyone else's DC do this? When did they start walking on their own? :)

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much everyone!! She has her 15 month check up on the 23rd so if she's still not walking I'll bring it up then. :) Thanks sooo much!!

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answers from Jackson on

My dear,my daughter began walking 1 week before her first birthday.My son,on the other hand,began walking at 17 months.Every child develops differently and she'll walk when she feels ready.Hey..dont rush it,when she does start taking steps she'll be getting into everything...lol.Enjoy it while you can!!! F..

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answers from Memphis on

I can relate. My child did not walk until 15 months. He was on his own time on everything physically, although he excelled mentally. We had one of those old timey "gates" if you will, where it makes a hexagon of "walls" around the infant. In no time flat, he was pulling up, crusing around in there and trying to find his way out! He was so heavy, I was ready for him to walk. Don't worry, your DC will walk when she's ready.



answers from Huntsville on

Your little girl was born the day after my daughter! :)

My girl started walking well around 13 months. I bet yours will get to it in the next month or 2. But, if you are concerned, ask her doctor at her next visit. Do you have a 15 months check up soon? (not sure if all doctors do a 15 month check up...) That would be a good chance to ask.

But until she starts walking, be thankful that she can't run away in a split second when you aren't looking!!! My girl has scared me a couple times in parking lots... gotta keep a hand on her at all times!



answers from Jackson on

I asked my peditrician last month this very question. She said some kids are just "later" (and I use this term lightly) than others. If they are not walking by 18 months, then she starts to get concerned... before 18 months, no biggie. My dd is 13 months and we're still waiting. Doctor said as long as she has a way of getting around (crawling, scooting, etc...) don't worry about it.



answers from Tuscaloosa on

All children are different. My oldest daughter who is now 5 started walking at 9 months. My twins however, were later. My girl started walking at 13 months, but the boy wasn't walking until 15 months.

I was worried but the pediatrician said everything was fine, if you are truely worried, on your next visit, ask. Asking never hurt a soul, and the answer will ease your mind if she is normal, and if something is wrong, you have brought it to the Dr's attention so things can be done about it, the earlier the better.

Good luck! They grow up so fast.



answers from Huntsville on

I have a total of 4 children, two girls who are 13 and 8 (13 year old lives with my parents because I was only 15 when she was born and they raised her from the beginning), and two boys who are 22 months and 13 months. The 13 year old was walking at 1 year (12 months), 8 year old wasn't walking until 14 months, 22 month old wasn't walking until 19 months but they think it may have been related to him being 8 weeks premie and the 13 month old started walking at 9 months after only crawling for a month. It really just depends on the child for the most part. The only time you should really worry is if she were full term pregnancy and she's already 18 months or later before walking.



answers from Birmingham on

Was she breach?

I have friends who have had babies walk "late" so maybe she is just waiting for the right time. Express your concerns to your peditrician.

My son had hip dysplacia at birth. (Risk factors are first born, breach, girls - so he was an exception). Many parents do not find out until their little girls (or boys) can't walk. This is just one possibility and I would not advise researching it very much until all else is ruled out. The treatment for hip dyplasia can be pretty scarey so PLEASE rule out other options including that she might just walk next week. Sometimes kids are just kids and do not have a desire to walk until later.

Good luck and I wish you the best



answers from Memphis on

I have a daughter just over 2yo and she didn't walk until about 14 or 15 months old. We knew she had the balance and the strength, but she had no desire. Parents would carry her & big brothers would bring her what she wanted. Crawling was just fine. If you don't think she has the balance or the muscle tone, I would consult a physician, but otherwise, she'll walk when she's ready.



answers from Clarksville on

My daughter is only a month old...so I can't speak from experience...but, if your insurance allows, maybe you should just take her in just in case...it would at least help put your mind at ease. Not saying anything is wrong...but it might help you feel better about it...



answers from Jackson on

S. -
My son was around 17 months old when he started walking and I haven't been able to catch him yet! I highly recommend you sit back and enjoy it for as long as you can :)



answers from Knoxville on

My son took his first unassisted step (and I mean step, not steps) at 13 months. But, then he showed no further interest in walking until 14 months. I thought that was late, but he's fine! He's two now (turned two in February). People have always been amazed at his verbal abilities (especially for a boy), and he's also very smart for his age (knows all his colors and can count to 14 by himself). He's very good with his fine motor skills and verbally, but his gross motor skills (crawling, walking, now going down slides, etc.) have been a little slower than some children his age. I just think children develop their skills at different rates, but in the end they all usually catch up. Certainly if you're ever worried, I would talk to your child's pediatrician. But, I've found after having baby #2 and being around more and more babies and toddlers, that we all just worry too much! ;) I wish you the best. And, trust me, I wanted my son to walk so badly ... then now I wish I could get him to sit down for just a minute! ;)



answers from Biloxi on

I know most moms will disagree with my suggestion. Both of my children walked early and I think it was from using the walker. Many docs say that there is no link between a walker and walking but in the walker they get to "test out" walking without falling down. It may be a coincidence but that is my belief.



answers from Greensboro on

If you have doubts, ask your pediatrician. My child was walking at 11 months



answers from Huntsville on

I had 1 walking at 9mths, one at 16mths, and 1 at 12mths. They say don't worry until they're 18mths. My middle child was in Early intervention for speech, and they said they don't usually even evaluate for problems with walking until they're 18mths. So, don't worry too much, and give her a few more months. #2 was showing no interest at all whatsoever of walking when he was 15mths, then all of a sudden right after he turned 16mths, he took his first real steps.



answers from Mobile on

My son started walking at 14 months, and a friend of mine had a son that didn't walk until he was 16 months. It can be very frustrating to wait it out, especially when it seems like everyone else's children walk at 9 months! You could always schedule a visit to her pediatrician to just make sure everything is ok and that she's just taking her time.