When Did Your Child OUTGROW His/her Toddler Bed (Size Wise?)

Updated on March 03, 2010
C.M. asks from New Baden, IL
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My daughter is 2.5 years old and roughly 36 inches (probably taller but that was the height at her 2 year checkup). She's in a toddler bed now (only because she's in a small bedroom).

For those of you who bought a toddler bed for your average / short / or tall toddler, at what age did they outgrow it? She has a few inches now to get to the bottom of the bed (maybe five)...so I figure it'll at least be a few years, but I am not really sure?

Obviously you cannot tell me when we'll need to go larger with OUR child, but I wanted to know when YOU made the switch. I'm hoping she can last another 2-3 years which is when we're adding onto the house and she'll move into a larger bedroom.


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answers from Detroit on

The crib mattress that fits in a toddler bed is 52 inches long. so a child could fit in the toddler bed until they were 52 inches tall. Most kindergardeners are 42 inches tall.. so they will fit in the toddler bed for a long time.

My daughter is 4 and 41 inches..(tall for her age) and she fits in her toddler bed.. she will stay in the toddler bed as long as she can.. her room is smallish and the toddler bed fits better..

PS. a full size crib is also known as a "6 year crib" as most 6 year olds will still fit in a crib... so most 6 year olds will fit nicely in a toddler bed..

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answers from Washington DC on

My daughter came out of a toddler bed age 3 , she moves around ALOT in her sleep and we found that it just wasn't wide enough and she kept waking as she was hitting the sides. Since going to a twin bed she no longer wakes and it much happier.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

My son was out of his toddler bed when he was about 3-1/2 but just bc we bought him "real" furniture. We had a neighbor with a daughter with a teeny tiny bedroom and she slept in a toddler bed til she was over 4.

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answers from Chicago on

We moved our kids around 41/2. They just seemd to need more room to move around.



answers from Philadelphia on

My son is 4 and still in his toddler bed. I'm thinking about moving him out when he turns 5 and getting him a regular bed for his birthday. His room in our old house was quite small so it just made sense and it's comfortable for him now so I'm not in any rush to move him out of it.


answers from Dallas on

My twin girls will be 5yrs this week and they are still in theirs. They are about 40in tall and still fit fine. They take up less room and I'm not ready to spend the $ on new big beds so I'm letting them stay in those til they outgrow them. My girls are small so it works-my son was double their size so he went from crib to twin bed.



answers from Tulsa on

All my 6 grandkids were in a toddler bed by 18 months and in twins/bigger beds by 3. They need room to move around and the toddler bed is just for a short time so they don't have far to fall if they fall out of bed. If it fits your space and she is sleeping comfortable then she hasn't outgrown it. You could look into alternative bed ideas so you wan't use floor space. There are fold down beds that hook into the wall and just fold up like on a train. Maybe a hanging bed that is a tiny bit higher so there can be play room underneath, but not high enough a fall might hurt her. I'm thinking sort of like a loft bed but not nearly that far off the floor.

Another idea would be to use a bed with drawers underneath so you don't have to have any other furniture in the room. If you google decorating a very small bedroom you will get some ideas for when she is bigger.



answers from Denver on

Our daughter moved to a regular bed at 3, although she wasn't too big yet - she probably could have stayed another year if need be. I doubt you can keep your child in a toddler bed another 2-3 years though - past 4 seems like pushing it.



answers from Detroit on

My daughter is 4 1/2 and still uses her toddler bed. She is average to above average in height. She will be moving to a twin soon because her younger sister needs the toddler bed.



answers from Huntsville on

My daughter just turned 4, but we switched her out of her toddler bed around August or so. So, she was about 3 1/2 then. She's about 36" tall now. We are actually currently just borrowing a twin mattress (not box springs) from my parents. I switched her not for her height, but how she slept in the bed. She always ended up laying the wrong way! I felt so bad for her laying that way on a small bed! lol She's still all over the place on the twin mattress, but she at least has some more room!

As long as your daughter seems comfortable, she could stay in the toddler bed for a while.


answers from Charlotte on

I think she can get in one now. Some parents skip toddler bed altogether and go straight to twin bed. Just get one of the rails to put on the side so she doesn't roll out onto the floor.



answers from Kansas City on

We moved our son out of his toddler bed when he turned 4 (37 in tall) this past year. He never slept good in his toddler bed, and so for part of his birthday present, we took him to Nebraska Furniture Mart and let him try out some beds that were in our price range and let him pick the one he liked the most and then also let him pick out the sheets and blanket that he wanted so that he felt like he was involved in the process. It's no longer a fight to get him to go to bed - he loves going to bed and climbing into his Handy Manny sheets, and he sleeps soooo much better too! He picked out bunk beds, so we got the extra storage drawers that go under the bottom bed and the stairs that also have built in drawers so that we could eliminate his dresser and allow for more space in his room for him to play. (He doesn't have have a very large room, so that worked out great!)

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