When Did You Try the Big Kid Bike?

Updated on September 02, 2009
K.O. asks from New Lenox, IL
6 answers

My daughter is soon to be 3 and I'm wondering if this is too early to try a small bike with training wheels? Maybe a big wheel would be better? I'll take any suggestions you have!


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I just responded to your tent question. Sounds like you are getting your daughter into some fun outdoor things! What a fun age, right?

Your daughter is not too young to buy a regular bike with training wheels, although I recommend taking off the pedals and training wheels at first. Get one that she can firmly touch the ground on the lowest seat setting. She will be able to grow into it, so don't buy one that fits this way when the seat is up. Once your daughter has balance and steering down pat, pedaling will be easy. There are a ton of reviews on balance bikes; we wary of wooden models. Our son rides a Strider and has since late spring, and we introduced the pedal bike about a month ago. He definitely prefers the balance bike and does quite well on it. He rode for about 3 miles one day. We wondered why push him to a pedaling bike when he is building so much confidence and interest in bikeriding with the balance bike?!?



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All you can do is try. My daughter was three when we started her off on the big girl bike w/ training wheels. So far no problems. He cousin is the same age and at 3 1/2 he was riding a bike with no training wheels. They are all different.



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Not too early at all! Get one that is small enough that she can put her feet FLAT on the ground while her butt is still on the seat. This will help her ride with confidence and independence.

My younger daughter was riding two wheels before she was 4. And when our neighbor saw her she decided if my daughter could do it she could too and learned on her 4th birthday.

A month later my then 4 yr old was riding her two wheeler on long 7 mile rides easily.



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my son was riding a bike without training wheels last year at the age of 4. as long as she is willing i think you should try it. if she feels intimidated then go for the big wheel....i bought one for my daughter but she didn't really like it that much, so it got handed down to my son but he never got much use out of it. which kinda made me wonder how the heck i had so much fun on the thing when i was younger! lol good luck



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I bought my 3 year old a small training wheel bike for his birthday and he LOVES it! He rides it everyday and perfected his riding in 2 days. He actually has really defined calves now from all the exercise! Definitely buy her the bike.... :-)



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My son was 2 1/2 at Christmas, when he got his big bike, with training wheels. He rode it in the basement with training wheels. Months later, in the spring. we actually took off the training wheels. My neighbor laughed when he saw my son wasn't even using them anyway for balance and it scared the heck out of me to take them off but I did and he proved he had the ability.

My daughter had a bike with training wheels for her 3rd birthday (April) . My daughter was a bit older than 4 years old before we considered removing the training wheels. Even then, balancing was a little challenging.

I wouldn't think anything of getting a 3 year old a "big bike" with training wheels. You call her a "Tazmanian devil" so I'm guessing some of that "good energy" will be burnt off by riding a nice bike! Especially if you have a nice street, sidewalk or park where she can get time to practice riding it. Time and your comfort level will determine when the training wheels should be removed.

Good luck.

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