When Did You Stop Working When Pregnant with Twins?

Updated on May 26, 2009
M.F. asks from Briarcliff Manor, NY
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I am currently 29 weeks with twins. I work in Manhattan and live in Brooklyn. I'm just curious when other moms stopped working and/or cut hours. I still feel pretty good and I'm fine most of the time at work. it's just the commute that is starting to take it's toll (my poor feet!)especially on days that I have to go to the doctors or run other errands. I need to work as long as possible. I know the answer is really to just listen to my body (and doctor)but just wondering what others out there did.

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So What Happened?

thank you so much for all of you that responded. I have decided to cut down to 3 days a week for work and go from there. May need to stop all together in another 2 weeks or so but I'll just have to see.
Again I really appreciate the feedback from everyone!! thank you!!

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Hi M.,

Congratulations! You'll have your hands full for a few months very soon, but babies are such a wonder.

To answer your question, I had only one, but I worked until the day my water broke, and a friend of mine, who had twins, worked until her first contractions. On the other hand, someone else I know (also pregnant with twins) stopped a month before.




answers from New York on

Hey, M.,
Congrats! Twins are the best. But the pregnancy really is different with two than it is with one (I noticed that most of the people who have responded so far did not carry twins). It's really important to keep in touch with your doctor about your work. It may be that, because of your commute, your doctor will feel you need to stop earlier. I started having blood pressure issues at around 31 weeks, and my doctor ordered me not to take the stairs at work, not to take the subway and do a lot of walking around the city, etc. (I drive to work on Long Island, so that wasn't a real problem). At 32 weeks, my blood pressure was so high at a routine appointment that my doctor told me to stop working immediately. Because she "disabled" me, I got short-term disability. She didn't put me on bed rest -- just wanted me to take it easy. I delivered my girls at 36 weeks.

Obviously, every pregnancy is different. But every one I know who has twins gave birth around 35-36 weeks and had stopped working at least a month earlier.

Feel free to message me privately if you have any questions. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy!!




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I didn't have twins, but I worked in the office up to the day before I gave birth. I wanted to use all my maternity time to be with my baby. And it was easier for me to afford the time off that way.
I think everyone is different, and every job is different. I sit at a computer all day, I know others who are on their feet more who had to leave work in the last month and they only had one in there.
I am sure twins makes things harder, so just play it by ear. and also, do what you want. If you would get some good nurturing time out of some pre-baby time at home, even if you feel well enough to work, take the time. everyone does it differently.



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Hi M., Congrats on your twins. Yes, I think you have your answer. Work as long as you feel good. I do not have twins but I did work until 3 weeks befor giving birth to my 4th child. Does you job have any rules on this? I know we all need to work but you must consider your babies. My best, Grandma Mary



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Hi M., Congrats! I am a mom of twin boys and worked as long as I could. You really have to listen and take the cue's your body is giving you. I was extremely active and worked out (lightly)as well. Check with your doctor.
You may also want to check with your company and see if your manager is willing to let you go into work perhaps a half hour later and leave earlier. This way, you'd be able avoid rush hour and hopefully get a seat to and from home. Again, check with your doctor and see if he can write a letter indicating your pregnancy as as "High Risk" one. The company should be able to acommodate you (check with your human resources department).

I worked till I was 31 weeks and by then the doctor put me on disability. I gave birth beginning of 32weeks. Both boys are healthy. At time birth, one weighed 4lbs 16 oz and 5lbs 1oz....(Baby A was "V" and Baby B was C- Section".

Make sure you drink LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of water



answers from New York on

I think it depends on your job and what you and your doctor feel comfortable with. My job required standing for most of the day but my work only would give leave if your doctor pulled you out otherwise it was an unpaid leave. My dr had twins and she worked until she gave birth though she stopped delivering patients 2 wks before. With my twins I worked until I went into preterm labor which was the last day of my 28th wk. Then I was in the hospital on medications and bed rest trying to keep the babies in. I lasted until my 34th wk when they saw they were not growing anymore and they took my off the meds and bed rest and i delivered the next day. With my next pregnancy (single) i worked again until I went into preterm labor. Discuss your work options with your doctor, usually they know best. Good luck!



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I also only had one and worked up until the day before I had him so I made out better financially. I had a really good pregnancy and the walking around made me feel good. I also worked in Manhattan and lived in Bklyn. The subway back and forth wasn't too fun but as long as someone gave me a seat it was bearable. Twins is harder on your body though so I honestly don't know if you should work right up to the end. I guess consider what your work life is like. If it's easy and stress-free to commute in and work your job and you're having a good pregnancy there probably isn't anything to worry about. But if you are miserable on the subway, stressed at work, etc then it might not be the best thing you are doing for your body and maybe taking time beforehand is a good idea. Talk about it with your dr and see what he/she thinks.
Good luck!

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