When Did You "Show" with Baby #3? - Forney,TX

Updated on January 16, 2011
A.S. asks from Mesquite, TX
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How quickly did you show with baby #3? Child #1 is 2 1/2 years old, child #2 is 14 months, and this current pregnancy is at 7 weeks (I lost two between baby #2 and this current pregnancy so technically this is pregnancy #5). I am 5'8" and weigh between 132 and 135 so I am pretty small. Before getting pregnant with baby #3 my stomach was pretty flat. With both of my first two I didn't actually start showing where people could tell until I was at least 6 months pregnant. I know baby #3 is not even an inch long yet but my tummy has a bit of a pooch already... My husband says it is bloating, which I am sure most of it is since my uterus isn't big enough to be pooching it out...? Although, since my stomach has been stretched out twice maybe it's pooching out earlier this time because it's done it twice before.

This isn't that important... Just something I can't stop thinking about. I haven't told many people because I don't want to be "bugged" this time around and so I am planning to wait until I am at least 20 weeks pregnant... but now I am wondering if that will be possible...

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answers from Seattle on

with my 3rd pregnancy i didn't start showing until about 6 months. I finally had a little pooch, but still couldnt really tell if I was pregnant or just fat lol. So My baby belly finally Popped around 7-8 months and then there was no denying it lol.



answers from Chicago on

I was showing and was not able to "hide" my pregnancy by 10 weeks with #3. By eight weeks I was getting the "are you pregnant look"!

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answers from Los Angeles on

About 15 minutes into the pregnancy.

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answers from Chicago on

Before I had my 3rd, I weighed about 145, and am 5'7". I was showing by the time I had my first appt. My dr. actually sent me for bloodwork to check for twins!! I was told that since I already had 2 that your tummy starts sticking out earlier because it's already been stretched out twice!
Congrats, and good luck waiting til 20 weeks!! I had people guessing by the time I was 14 weeks!!

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answers from Pocatello on

yeah with my third right around the 6 week mark I had a small pooch. I am pretty thin...5'3 and was about 110 pounds. So I thought for sure I was gonna pop way too fast this time around. But I think the pooch was just bloating. It pretty much stayed that way until I was about 6 months (which is how I was with my other pregnancies) I am now 26 weeks so almost 7 months and people tell me I look like I'm only 4 or 5 months. So don't worry. You probably do have a small pooch but it doesn't mean you will get any bigger any faster.

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answers from Youngstown on

With #1 didn't look pregnant until almost 8 months. With #2 It took about 6 months. I am currently 10 weeks with #3 and my pants are tight and there is a definite pooch. Our bodies remember and can tend to look pregnant earlier with each one especially if you are thin.

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answers from Boston on

I didn't show with my 3rd until 6 months. My first 2 were more noticeable around 4 months.


answers from Nashville on

my first one i didnt start showing until like 6months. then my second i started showing at 4 weeks with a huge pudge where i looked pregnant already but ended up miscarrying at 6 weeks stomach went back down. I am now currently pregnant again and i popped out there again at 4 weeks where i look pregnant. I could pass as 5 months pregnant. They say you show alot quicker after your first pregnancy because your uterus has already been expanded before and also bloating. I noticed the belly first then i took a pregnancy test and it was positive.



answers from Dallas on

I'm ten weeks with our third and had to come out and tell because it's getting obvious. But big sweatshirts and overcoats helped keep it under wraps for a couple of weeks, but no more!



answers from Phoenix on

With Baby #1 I went back-packing at 6-7 months pregnant and NO ONE knew I was pregnant on the entire weekend trip :( I bought maternity tops to sport around in just to advertise a little. I didn't show until end of the 7 month and I was similar build to you back then.

With Baby # 2, 10 years later, I showed by end of first trimester.

With Baby 3#, 3 years later, I showed by end of 2nd month, maybe sooner if I had time to pause and stare. Which is where you are now.

Our bodies have great memories.


answers from Richmond on

My 3rd pregnancy, I was showing almost immediately. It's also due to the fact that you get so gassy and bloated in your first trimester... but I was wearing maternity pants almost immediately! If people ask, since you want to wait to share the news, just tell them you had a big lunch ;) Congrats and best wishes!!



answers from San Francisco on

I didn't not know I was pregnant with no. 3 until 16 and half weeks so I obviously wasn't showing.:)

It was with no. 2 that I 'popped' out quickly and people started asking me around 10 weeks if I was pregnant.

Good luck! I think you won't be able to wait until 20 weeks; the only reason I found out that I was pregnant the third time was because I noticed in the mirror that my mid section was changing and getting hard. By 20 weeks, it was pretty obvious.



answers from Miami on

Every woman is different, as is every pregnancy different. I am smaller framed, 5 ft 4 1/2 inches tall and when NOT pregnant I weigh 108 lbs. I show early. I am pregnant with my 4th and have always needed maternity clothes way sooner than the "experts" say a woman needs them.



answers from Washington DC on

It wasn't possible with me. By number four I showed at conception, haha or almost. I showed before I took the pregnancy test with 3 and 4.



answers from Kansas City on

I am 21 weeks pregnant with #3, I also have a 3.5 yr old and 1 yr old. I swear I also started showing that early, and I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. At 21 weeks now I would guess I probably look like I'm over 7 months pregnant. I am due in May, and moms that are pregnant with around March babies keep asking me when I'm due because I look like I'd be due around when they would be. I had a few co-workers finally ask me if I was pregnant when I was probably around 10-12 weeks, so I had to have been obviously showing for them to ask. Sorry, but I'm not sure if there's anyway to really "hide" it this time!


answers from Rochester on

I think I bloated a bit, but I could not button my normal size pants by 4 or 5 weeks if I recall and had to get a belly band or move into the next size up for a while. I did wear the low-waist maternity pants early on. I had more abdominal aching if I used those muscles to hold everything in too hard, which was irritating since they had been pretty toned, too. :)

Either way, wear whatever makes you comfortable. I told people a little early, my immediate co-workers because they were wondering and my manager because it was getting obvious. My chest also seems to double in size when I'm pregnant, so when my blouses were busting off of me and I wasn't that big anywhere else, it was looking a little strange. =)



answers from Chicago on

I am 16 weeks pregnant with my third (following a twin pregnancy, so this is my second pregnancy). I thought I was crazy, but I switched to maternity pants at 4.5 weeks. When I was only 6 weeks, two coworkers asked my friend if I was pregnant (so, I knew I wasn't crazy, and, yes, I was clearly showing). Then, at 7 weeks, another coworker asked my friend if I was pregnant. We announced at 9 weeks, but even before I started showing, that was our plan. I knew from others' experiences that I would show much sooner (especially after having twins). Now, at 16 weeks, I still look way farther than I am, but I think it's the way I carry.



answers from Salt Lake City on

With #1 I got a good pooch at about 14 weeks. With #2, the pooch showed up at about 11 weeks. I am currently 10 weeks with #3, and this time, the pooch showed up at about 8 weeks. I thought i was just bloated, but it hasn't gone away!! It's a solid little bump!!

My friend also popped out around 8-9 weeks with her 3rd.


answers from San Diego on

With my thrid, by the time I took the test I felt like my pants were getting tight. I had to do the rubber band within days of that test to feel comfortable. By the time I went for my apt at 8 weeks I think it was I was already in maternity pants. SInce everythying already knows what to do it does it faster the more you have.

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