When Did You Pack the Baby Swing Away?

Updated on December 01, 2011
S.H. asks from Middleton, WI
6 answers

My 7 month old definitely grew into the swing, and he is getting to be squirmy if he sits still for too long; however the swing is still safe for him. The only time we use the swing is when he watches one of his Baby Einstein movies, as the swing is eye level to the TV. He doesn't watch movies very often, so the swing is really just taking up more space than being used. I'm thinking about storing the swing this weekend since he has a little chair that he can sit in if needed. When did you pack your swing away?

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answers from Tulsa on

My son is almost 8 months, and the swing has sat unused in the corner for a couple months now. Once he was big enough to sit up on his own he prefers to sit on the floor and play rather than be restrained in the swing. I'd say if your little one doesn't use it often, pack it away to make room for the next step!

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answers from Washington DC on

For my first 2 kids, the swing was the hardest thing to get rid of because they loved it. But as they got bigger the swing really slowed down to the point that it wasn't moving, and they became more mobile and didn't want to be contained in it anymore. I think it was between 6 and 7 months.

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answers from Chicago on

If he can sit up on his own, it's time to put it away. The same goes for the bouncy seat. I would sit my kids in bouncers to watch Einstein videos until they started to be able to sit up. With my youngest, I didn't quite take it away early enough and he tipped over in it. Luckily, it was on the floor. So, if they can sit up, they can rock it or tip it. Maybe get a Bumbo seat instead.

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answers from Asheville on

That thing is still sitting in my parents' living room even though the kids are 4 and 2 because Mom and Dad are expecting another grandkid, so it's been there for 4.5 years and will stay out for while longer. All the adults hate it because it plays lullabies and never goes off once the kids come over.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Most are really only designed for babies who can not sit unassisted and up to about 4 months of age. They all have different weight limits but most are in the lower 20 pound range. They get bigger and stronger and can tip them over and get really hurt.

I would get a exosaucer or other stationary "walker" type fun center...our fave however is a Jumperoo. Its my one fave piece of infant equipment if I am going to sacrifice the space in my daycare playroom!

Good luck!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Take your cues from your baby, a swing is for comforting (when you are not available) not containment. I expect you are using the swing as a safe way to keep your seven month old busy so you can get things done. A seven mouth old watching TV or any type of screen is not beneficial to him. Letting him discover, move, manipulate items and develop his curiosity is what is going to make your baby an "einstein" not a dvd. Pack it and the DVD away. Enjoy the next stage of his development.

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