When Did You Know You Were Pregnant?

Updated on February 20, 2013
A.M. asks from Lake Wales, FL
20 answers

Besides taking a home pregnancy test, did any of you ladies experience symptoms beforehand? Did some of you just "know" you were pregnant? My body is doing some weird things (cramping one day, tender breasts, naseaus) but 5 days ago was our first time trying to conceive. I now think this could all be in my head! So when did you know?

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answers from Denver on

I knew something was up because mentally I had become a space cadet. After spacing things out for 2 days, I drove right through a toll booth gate after tossing in my $.75. Yah, I forgot that you needed to let the gate rise before proceeding. It snapped into 3 pieces, landing in the other lanes. Sooooo embarrasing! Anyway, I sat there thinking "What the hell is wrong with me???" We had been trying to conceive for about a month and it donned on me "Dugh, I'm pregnant!" 10 minutes later after visiting a Walgreens it was confirmed.

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answers from Kansas City on

Honestly, with my second I did know about 4-5 days later. I know it sounds hokey, but I did! I was having all kinds of weird symptoms like gas issues, etc. and my body was just acting different. We were trying to conceive so maybe I was just hoping that these symptoms were a pregnancy, but I did notice small things being different! I hope you are! :)

Oh and with my first I didn't really know until I took the test. I had that "feeling" but ya know I didn't really notice anything else.

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answers from Houston on

With my first I had only been married six wks and I just knew but was thinking that I was crazy, but when my period was late and the stick turned blue, well... I remember my breasts were getting really full and I kept telling my husband I was pregnant but he just didn't think we would get pregnant so fast so he was in denial! Well our wonderful first born is now 5.5 yrs old : ). With the second we planned him so I knew we'll before the stick test, I just had to be patient till it showed positive. Now he third was a total surprise. We had been using NFP well for 6 months and I really thought I had it down, I wasn't feeling pregnant at all, but then the good old period was a no show.... So that was my only real surprise. I have felt preggo several times and not been, so who knows, but if you want to be, I hope you are!

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answers from New York on

I used to know before I missed my period. However back in the day, docs would see you when you missed your next period. No pregnancy tests then. Thank goodness. I and my friends always enjoyed our pregnancies. Too much info/testing out there now. Possible problems - worry - then all is well. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. If a problem, you dealt with it when the time came. A totally different mindset. Don't get me wrong, knowledge is power. Sometimes too much knowledge is a bad thing.

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answers from Minneapolis on

with my first I thought I was having cramps because I was going to get my period... then of course I missed it :)

with the second I recognized the cramping and knew right away. same with #3.

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answers from Chicago on

Implantation takes 8-10 days. The mind can be cruel. In fact, lots of research shows that women can totally convince themselves they are pregnant when they aren't.

With that said, with my last pregnancy, I had discharge 3-5 days after I would have conceived. I knew then that I was pregnant, and then got a postive test about 7 days later. What I didn't get was cramping, etc. until about 8-10 days later, when implantation occurs. The naseua usually doesn't kick in till you are over a month pregnant, btw. For most women, nausea doesn't start until week 6.

In short, any symptoms you may be feeling are probably the result of wishful thinking. Sorry.

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answers from Philadelphia on

About a week before my period was even due I had intense craving for tuna fish. I knew I was pregnant:). While I think tuna is ok I only ever craved it during pregnancy.


answers from Chicago on

These symptoms were close to when I was supposed to get my period.

I had a heightened sense of smell and cramping in my sides if I got out of bed too fast, or rolled over too fast.

The nausea didn’t start until around 6 weeks.
Good luck!!!



answers from Denver on

When I went to the doctor after my stomach was hurting.



answers from New York on

It takes more than 5 days for the egg to get fertilized and then implant. It is only at that point would you start feeling "pregnant". I had cramping when my period was supposed to start for several days. That would be about 2 weeks after fertilization occured. After 4 days of waiting for my period to start, I took a pregnancy test and it was possitive.



answers from Orlando on

You probably aren't having any symptoms just yet. It's probably in your head. I found out w/my first via HPT at 12 days after ovulation. 2 days before that, we went to Gators to get wings & I ate waaaaay more than I normally do. Usually, I'll eat 5 wings. This night, I ate 10, plus a ton of French fries. My stbxh looked at me & asked "are you pg?". I found out 2 days later.
For me, my boobs were very sore! It was consistent, it didn't come & go. For most, the symptoms will truly kick in when you're 6 wks pg.
Best of luck!!


answers from Minneapolis on

These symptoms are with absolute certainty your mind playing tricks on you. You still might be pregnant, it's just to early for these symptoms -trust me. I'm the worse when it comes to this stuff. Currently trying to conceive and every month my mind plays tricks on me. It sucks, lol


answers from Washington DC on

well, i could guess.
but i KNEW when the doctor told me the first time, and i took home pregnancy tests the second time.
all of the symptoms could and did happen at other times.



answers from Miami on

I was on a trip and got to my hotel and needed to freshen up for the dinner. I turned on the faucet in the tub and actually sat on my KNEES because I was in a hurry and so tired. And all of a sudden I found that I had fallen over in the tub. I realized I had fallen asleep - on my knees in a tub! Good grief! Then at dinner, I ordered an amaretto sour, and it sank to the bottom of my stomach and I spent 20 minutes in the bathroom over it. That was my first clue. When I got home from my trip, I took a pregnancy test. There it was - first pregnancy and I figured it out.

If you are trying to conceive, make sure you are taking pregnancy vitamins. In a week, take a test. Use first morning's urine. If it's still negative, wait another week. And take those vitamins - you need folic acid to prevent neural tube defects.




answers from Des Moines on

With one I knew about a week before the test showed it because sex felt so different....much more sensitive. Don't know why, and only happened with one of my kids.

Your symptoms sound like my PMS...so who knows! Start taking tests early!!


answers from Los Angeles on

I never knew until I took the test. I've had 6 pregnancies. There were a few times i suspected (which is why I took the test). However in most all cases, I had the most "symptoms" when it turned out I wasn't pregnant. There is a real phenomenon called phantom pregnancy. I totally had this. You want to be pregnant, and so you bring on real symptoms but it psychosomatic. FYI, if your pregnancy hormone levels are too low to be detected on an early pregnancy test, they are also too low to cause any nausea. Though I don't doubt you felt nausea, but it wasn't caused by pregnancy hormones, even if you are pregnant.


answers from Norfolk on

We went through IVF to have our son.
Embryo transfer was Feb 5th.
We had to wait till Feb 21st for the blood test.
I remember being so upset because I felt Nothing - No change - Nada - Zip Zilch.
I was in tears thinking it hadn't worked.
But then the blood test came back positive!
I STILL didn't feel pregnant but the test said I was - so I was guardedly optimistic.
Honestly - I didn't feel a single thing for the longest time.
I was finally completely convinced when we were far enough along that I could hear the heartbeat.
The whole thing surprised me because for me - just for a regular periods I always had cramps, nausea, sore breasts, bloating, salt cravings just beforehand, oily skin/hair, breaking out skin.
So to feel NOTHING when I finally became pregnant was a bit of a shock.
I never even had any morning sickness - which was extremely nice.


answers from New Orleans on

With my first i had a idea i was pregnant. I was soo hungry. Sure enough a few days later came back postive. The second and third i was late and came back postive. The 4th(now) i was feeling so good and about a week or two before my missed period i got so tired. A week before my missed period i got cramping that i never got with any of my pregnancies and i knew it wasn't my period that was coming. A week later it came back postive.



answers from Baton Rouge on

I wasn't trying to conceive - I was trying NOT to conceive, but it happened anyway.
I was late, but I had always been irregular, so that didn't set off alarms. But when my morning coffee and smoke started making me puke, I suspected.


answers from Grand Forks on

With my first I had an appointment at a fertility clinic because it had taken so long to concieve after my first miscarriage. I got to the appointment and mentioned my period was late, so he did a pregnancy test and sure enough I was pregnant.

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