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Updated on December 06, 2011
L.P. asks from Uniontown, PA
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Pack your hospital bag in preparation for the big day?

I am just coming up on 32 weeks, and thinking of getting started! I LOVE to pack! (HATE unpacking, but LOVE packing!) I know it's early, but for some reason, I love planning for stuff. I have a c-section scheduled for January 30th, but of course things could take their own course, and I could have to report early, so I just want to be prepared... Silly?

When did you pack your hospital bag?

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So What Happened?

@ Krista ~ YEAH for a BABY GIRL!

@ Denise ~ Hospital food... my cousin is a nutritionist in the hospital I will be delivering in, so she already told me that she has my back and I can have anything I want! LOL But I will still pack snacks, too. :)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

That would as we were leaving for the hospital. Couldn't find the list of things to bring (gave up after searching for 20 minutes), threw a few things in a bag and went. I was 10 days early and truly was planning on packing a bag that weekend. Found the list after DS was born. It actually recommended packing 2 weeks in advance and packing sandwiches for the husband. Should I really worry about what DH will eat when I am in labor? Will DH really want to eat 2 week old sandwiches?

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answers from Philadelphia on

ummm i didnt , i J. went and had the baby...am i the only one who didn't pack anything? my ex went home and brought M. back some clothes to wear and the outfit to bring her home in and thats about it...they gave M. showering items...and what else is needed?

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answers from Jacksonville on

3am the night my water broke...one week before my scheduled c-section. I highly recommend packing early. My husband kept forgetting to bring my toothbrush. I finally had to make him go buy me one.

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answers from Seattle on

The day before I went into labor with my first. My husband had to go home and pack my second. I packed my third the night before a scheduled c-section.

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answers from Minneapolis on

The day that I thought my water broke. Lol. I threw a bunch of stuff into a bag and went to the hospital, was told that my water didn't break and was sent home. I felt too tired to unpack so I just left my suitcase near the door and went to bed. Next morning at 5am, I woke up to a bed soaked in amniotic fluid. SO glad that I didn't have to repack the bag!

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answers from Dallas on

I packed mine a month before - just in case - but all 3 babies came a month late. I needed to wear those clothes in the meantime. So, I packed and unpacked, and packed again!

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answers from Dallas on

The night before. Im a little superstitious. :)

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answers from Phoenix on

1st kid , night before c-section. 2nd kid, 3 days after my due date, after my water broke. 3rd baby, night before c-section but my husband brought most of my stuff , day after surgery.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Ha Ha... packed the morning of. I hate to plan :)

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answers from Philadelphia on

It's never too early, and I can't remember when I did it...but I'm guessing I did a week before I was due. If that!

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answers from St. Louis on

I think I would go ahead and pack already. With the holidays now here it might be hard to think of everything at the last min. Congrats! So Exciting. I remember those days and miss them.

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answers from Chicago on

I always packed sometime between my labor starting and leaving for the hospital. I was often in early labor at home for at least a few hours before heading to the hospital, so it was more than enough time to pack. I also used that time to clean the house, vacuum, and do laundry in preparation for the guests that I knew would be there right away to see the baby. It was a great way to pass the time and distract me from the contractions until I was ready to go.
If I had a scheduled induction or c-section I would have packed the night before, but then again I am a big procrastinator. I would have figured if I started labor before the scheduled event I would still have time to pack and get to the hospital in plenty of time. And if for some reason I didn't have time to pack I would send my husband home the next day to get stuff. There is really very little that you need that the hospital can't provide for you.
But if you love packing and want to do it, there is no reason you shouldn't start now. But for myself I would have to make a list of items I needed to add at the last minute (like camera and toiletries) that I would be using up until the big day. Might as well get started!! Have fun!!

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answers from Phoenix on

I'm like you...going to pack early. I have a C section scheduled for March 1, and plan to pack at least 2 weeks beforehand. I made a list already, just in case.

Hospital Bag
Going home outfit for mom/same as coming outfit? Yoga pants and long t shirt
robe that is breastfeeding friendly
flip flops for going home, walking the halls, and the shower
prenatal, fish oil, and probiotics
baby car seat
Baby going home outfit, hat, socks, mittens, sorta warm!
Some baby outfits for hospital? For pictures
baby blanket for going home
ziplock to stuff paperwork and collectibles
check-in paperwork, identification, insurance card, pay flex card
journal and pen
nursing pads
toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
DVD player, movies
granny underwear
nursing bras
camera, memory stick, extra charger
baby book, archival pen
breastfriend nursing pillow
shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, facewash
mp3 player
reading material or other time wasters like cross word puzzles, deck of cards,
Stuff for hubby to eat, toothbrush, wallet etc

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answers from Bloomington on

It was on my list. I had 2 days left to work that week and was going into Thanksgiving week....I'd do it then.

Ummm no. Went in for my 37 week appt. and found out I was preeclampsic. Had her that night via c-section (she was breech). Husband was over an hour away and had taken the bus in.

If you LOVE to pack, just do it and be done with it. :) Or at least have a list made of what you plan to take so hubs can pull it together for you.

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answers from New York on

I packed around week 38 and the suitcase sat in my bedroom for two weeks, but at least it was done! This time, I'm sure I'll do the same. I pack more efficiently when I do it well ahead of time.

Good luck!
PS- I'm having a girl. We just found out!

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