When and How to Wean off Night Time Swaddle?

Updated on February 28, 2008
J.G. asks from Denton, TX
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I have a wonderful 6 month old who sleeps everynight in a miracle blanket. My husband and friends think that it's time to stop the swaddle all together, but my son really seems to find comfort in it. He is not rolling over from back to stomach yet. He goes to sleep great at night but usually stirs through out the night when he loses his pacifier so I am wondering if sleep will improve without the swaddle, but I am afraid to give it up!

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone! I am going to continue to swaddle him and my pediatrician even said not to worry about it he would wean himself when he was ready. Have a great weekend!

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I say if he is sleeping--leave things the way they are. He will let you know when he is tired of it. :)

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If it works, don't mess with it! :) Especially when it comes to sleep. If you are worried about him rolling over, place him in an infant positioner. My 6 month old likes to sleep with his arms in the "touchdown" position but I still place him in between an infant positioner every night so he doesn't roll over in his sleep. This seems to work well.

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answers from Dallas on

I think they typically wean them off it by themselves. My son started fighting it and pulling his arms out so we swaddled his bottom half with his arms free. Then after a few weeks he started fighting the remaining swaddle. It was before 6 months though. Have you tried regular blanket sleepers? They keep them warm, but aren't constricting at all. Overall, I say don't worry about what anyone else says, just do what makes him happy! If he wants to be swaddled a year from now, go right ahead :)

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I love the miracle blanket! My son was in it until he learned to flip over at 3 months, praise the Lord for the video monitor. We tried to give it up but he really slept good with it. So we swaddled him with his arms out. This worked just fine.

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