Wheat in Baby Cereal

Updated on March 31, 2008
B.C. asks from Barrington, IL
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My son is 5 months old. We have recently started feeding him cereal. He had a blood test saying that he has a low allergy to Wheat. I read today that Beechnut Oatmeal contains wheat. Does anyone know if there is oatmeal or barley that do not contain wheat? I thought that Oatmeal was made from oats. Are oats wheat? I am so confused with this allergy. Any help would be Great! Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for your responses! We decided to take him off of the Oatmeal for the time being. He is doing well with rice mixed with fruits and vegetables!!! Since taking him off of the oatmeal, his skin has cleared up quite a bit. He broke out in something that looked like a heat rash after we bathed him in Huggies hair and body wash - most likely due to the fragrance. We are back to using Dove liquid for sensitive skin - which seems to not irritate his skin..... What a sensitive boy we have :)

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So the thing with oats is that there tends to be a lot of cross contamination with wheat. I am on a gluten free diet and my son is also allergic to gluten, so he cannot have any wheat products. Gluten is also found in barley. There is gluten free oatmeal out there, but I don't know about baby food. We are also just about to go down this road with my 6 month old. She is starting on rice cereal and then we are headed start to other foods due to the gluten factor in our family, we will just forego the oatmeal and barley at this time. Was it just wheat that your son tested positive for or all gluten grains? Just be sure about that when reading labels. Good luck!!



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We gave my son rice cereal and he did fine. Then we switched it up to Oatmeal cereal and he broke out in to hives. Our dr. said it is common for babies to have allergies to things they are not used too. So we went back to rice cereal and now placing this (1tsp per oz) in his veggie.



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Oats are not wheat. You're going to get really good at reading labels with that allergy. You need to read the ingredients of everything you give him. The oatmeal cereals should be just oatmeal, but sometimes they add other things for taste or whatever, so you have to read the labels. It should say wheat or flour or wheat germ or even gluten if it has it in it. Good luck.


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Hi B.,
Do you know if it is a wheat or gluten allergy? There is gluten in oats and wheat, so if gluten is an issue, that would make sense. My dietician only suggested I give my son brown rice cereal (I give him Earth's Best because it is organic). She cautioned against giving him any other grains before a year- especially wheat. Rice cereal has no gluten, but again, like the other poster said- read your labels.

Do you need to give your son cereal now? Many experts have recommended waiting until 6 months or later to introduce solids because their digestive systems aren't totally ready for them.

They are finding that many people are actually allergic to gluten these days. I'm on a gluten-free/ wheat free diet right now. I am excited because there is a Gluten Free Grocery opening in Westchester soon!

Good luck to you and your son,

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