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Updated on November 07, 2008
T.C. asks from Spanish Fork, UT
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I have a 9 month old breastfed baby that is very constipated and has been for a couple months now and when he does go, it smells just AWFUL. I'm thinking he might have a wheat allergy. It became a problem several months after he started on solids. Probably around the time I switched from the rice baby cereal to the oatmeal cereal. I took him off all solids to start over and it did get better for a day or so but then back to being plugged up. the only thing I can figure could be causing it is from bread or crackers that people give him so that is why I think it's wheat allergy. I just want to know what are the signs/symptoms of a wheat allergy or other allergy? If it is an allergy to wheat, what SPECIFIC foods should I not give him and what are some SPECIFIC foods I can feed him? He LOVES finger foods and anything he can feed himself. He gets really impatient with the jars of baby purees so I need ideas of finger foods that dont have wheat.

Oh also he pukes everytime I feed him anything with meat in it, like the gerber jars of baby food such as chicken and vegetables, or turkey and whatever. He'll eat it just fine but within 1/2 hour he pukes it all up. And that is the only time he ever pukes. I don't get it. Could that be part of the allergy?

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So What Happened?

Well I took him off all wheat/gluten-being sure to carefully read labels for ingredients-and the problem was solved. His bowel habits are back to normal and he is much happier. It turns out that the jars of baby food with meat, also have wheat flour, which is probably why he was puking it up. Now I just worry that he isn't eating enough or getting the right nutrition. Anyway, thank you ladies for your help!

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My son had this problem as a baby. He'd go 5 days before having a bowel movement and he'd scream and it was bloody. When I took him to the doctor, they just told me to give him fiber and a laxative. That did not solve the problem. I stopped giving him wheat and it made a tremendous difference after a few weeks. It takes time for the bowel muscles to tighten back into the right shape. I even put a teaspoon of olive oil in baby food to help it go through faster. Then, a year later, it started up again. I couldn't figure it out, but now I've finally discovered he is also allergic to dairy. It was causing the same symptom, but now he will even throw-up if he has something with dairy in it. The health food store is great. For really good/quick mixes that are gluten free try kinnikinnick brands. For cookies Mi-Del Arrowroot are great. For noodles, Tinkyada Rice or Brown rice is excellent. You can even find all three on Amazon and order them in bulk. They are often almost a dollar cheaper than at the health food store. Good luck.

PS I even had my son tested for celiac disease, but it came back negative. It runs in our family, I even get the same symptoms, but it is difficult to diagnose. The best way to determine is to eliminate problem foods and see how he does. Just be sure to go 2 weeks before re-introducing that food. The scratch tests for other allergies can be effective, though, if you want to rule out other foods.

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I have a friend with celiac disease and she says she gets stopped up with the gluten. A lot of the meat and veggies have wheat. You'll have to be an avid label reader. Vomiting is considered by allergists to be an anaphylactic response. It's definitely worth getting checked out. As far as food choices go, there are a lot of options of wheat free baby foods at health food stores, even teething biscuits and such. You might try there. Frozen peas and corn are great for finger foods. Wheat is a tough one to avoid, but I did it with both my boys. As far as specifics, we just used a lot of the stuff from the health food stores. They have some yummy wheat free cookies. I can't remember the brand. The teething biscuits were really good, too. GL! I hope you find a cause. I did have another thought. Do you know that he is drinking enough milk? If he's not, that could cause the constipation. We had a little one that did that, but we didn't know it because he was nursing.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

It may just be that his digestive system is not very mautre yet. I would talk to the doctor at his 9 month check-up (or call the doctor if he's already gone) and tell him all the symptoms, constipation, smell, vomiting, everything. Tell him you're worried about allergies, especially wheat allergy ad celiac. (Celiac spru is a difficulty in properly digesting the protein in wheat, leading to bloating, gas, bowel irregularity and even intestinal damage. An allergy in an immune reaction to the wheat. They may or may not be linked). Some doctors may not take your concern seriosly because his digestion is still developed, but let him know how worried you are and you want to know what will rule it out (you may need to go to another dr if your first one won't do anything).

In the mean time, don't let people give him crackers or anything with wheat (even cheerios uses a bit of wheat flour). Wheat should be one of the last grains introduced, not till almost a year, because it is harder to digest and may be more likely to be allergenic. Keep it altogether out of his diet until he's been cleared by the doc to have it.

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I am definately not a Dr. or a nurse but I can tell you what worked for my son. It's not the exact same symptoms but I truly believe this will help. I was introduced to a product 1 1/2 ago because I was in the Dr.'s every couple weeks w/ ear infections w/ my 6 mo old son. Our next step was to have tubes put in and I was very against this idea! I wanted to try a more natural approach so I thought what the heck this is an aloe juice my friend recommended and aloe has always been so healing I knew it couldn't hurt! I just started giving him a couple ounces of this strawberry-kiwi flavored aloe and needless to say we only go to the Dr. now for routine checkups and vaccinations! My son now will request his aloe juice!
If you would like more info please let me know,
my email: [email protected]____.com



answers from Grand Junction on

Grapes and pears are a great cure for constipation! My son loves grapes and eats them all day long. He is a year now but when he was smaller I had to cut them in half for him. He does not eat any meat and I have never fed him baby food from a jar. Tried it once while on a trip and he wouldn't eat it. Here is a list of his other favorite finger foods:
Baked sweet potato cut into bite sized pieces or mixed with anything (avocado etc)
Corn (on and off the cob)

My son also was constipated and I think he was eating too much banana. Apples and cheese sauce also cause constipation.
Good luck!

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